8 Ways to Detox Your Mind ...


8 Ways to Detox Your Mind ...
8 Ways to Detox Your Mind ...

It is more likely that most of you will adopt a diet/body detox way ahead of considering ways to detox your mind. Your life is so crazy and frenzied these days - stop! Take a moment, consider ways to detox your mind, and to free up some space in your cluttered head. Have a look over the areas of your life that you can improve upon: spiritual, career, financial, physical, mental, family and social. Here are some suggestions.

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Count to 10

Ways to detox your mind don’t always involve a lengthy plan of action. Learn to control your gut reactions. When something is said, or something happens, chemicals in your brain cause you to lash out. Try to control this; count to 10. This gives you pause, and enables you to give a considered response to the crisis. You’ll find that the crisis is not as big as you originally thought, just because you can now act rationally, and figure other options.



Choose some positive mantras, and get in the habit of repeating them to yourself at times throughout the day. Write them down, so you can memorize them. Here are some that may work for you: “I like to try new things,” “I will keep calm under pressure,” “I have been blessed with a new day,” “I trust myself to make the right choices,” “I am a good person.” Repeating these or similar phrases will do wonders for your self-confidence, and as you begin to live them, you will find your mind detox taking effect.


Deny the Negativity

As you are building your positive feelings, so should you learn to keep that inner voice under control. You know that evil voice, the one that says “you’re useless,” “you’re an awful mom,” “you’ll never be able to get this right,” and so it goes on. We are so hard on ourselves. We would NEVER say this to any of our friends or family, so why on earth would we feel it’s O.K. to speak to ourselves like that? Treat yourself better, you deserve more than that; detox your mind of this negging of yourself.


Let Go of Grudges

We’ve all had bad things happen to us in our lives; we’ve all had people in our lives that did bad things to us. These events help define us, and who we become as people. The key is not letting these negative happenings consume us, and become all that we are. One of the difficult but rewarding ways to clear your mind is to accept the bad things that have happened to you, and decide not to let them stagnate you. Deal with life’s knocks, analyse them and learn from them. Then move forward mentally. Conversely, if you have caused other people harm, whether intentionally or unintentionally, don’t cling to the guilt; it festers. Put on your big-girl panties and own up to your mistakes. Whether that means simply apologizing, or making amends, do it! This will also allow you to move forward, and to concentrate on what you want for yourself in your future.


Don’t Sweat about the Small Things

Always try to look at the big picture; look at the grand scheme of things. Obsessing over perceived slights, what people may think of you, hurtful experiences, day-to-day things that nit-pick at you, and that you nit-pick at, they all drain your energy, and sap your joy and happiness. You have better things to do with your time! There’s a life out there to be lived! You’re denying yourself new opportunities that are out there waiting for you. Don’t look down, look at the horizon. This is an essential element in detoxing your mind.



We all underestimate the multiple benefits of a good sleep. And yet we know how important it is; many scientists and specialists devote their lifetimes to studies, and they extol the benefits that it can offer for detoxing the brain, but for some reason we think it doesn’t apply to us. Don’t watch the TV; switch it off, make sure you have a dark room, and lay the day’s worries at the bedroom door. Count your blessings of the day as you drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.



As with sleep, we are constantly bombarded with the benefits of exercising breathing as a stress reliever and brain detox. Take a moment to drop your shoulders and relax your jaw. Breathing out, feel the stress and negative feelings leaving your body through your mouth. Inhale, and feel positive energy coming in to replace the bad. Do this 10 times and you’ll be amazed at how ready you are to go on with your day.


Live in the NOW

Be present in your life! Instead of thinking of the next task, or chore to be done, take a moment to enjoy the now. An errant ray of sun may shine on you in a long grey winter. You may enjoy a fleeting smile with a fellow busy shopper as you pass each other. A kiddie beams at you from its basket in a shopping trolley. A radio jockey makes a hilarious joke while you’re sitting in traffic. Take joy from the little things that are happening around you, don’t miss them because you’re too absorbed in the flurry of ‘life.’ Precious nuggets surround you if you care to see them. Detox your mind, and you will ‘see.’

Detox your mind and you will reap plenty of benefits. If you are going to try and detox your mind and body at the same time – you need a lot of will power and a lot of good luck! Remember small steps can still take you forwards. How do your clear your mind of clutter?

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