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10 Top Tips for Healthy Eyes ...

By Neecey

You may think you are not one who may need tips for healthy eyes. In reality, we all exercise our bodies and our brains, but we completely neglect our eyes. Age is irrelevant – we all can benefit from tips for healthy eyes. One of the most important pieces of advice for eye health is to be consistent. If you are looking for ideas on optimum eye health, here are 10 Top Tips for Healthy Eyes.

1 Get Tested

Regular eye tests will be part of an early alert system, and will pick up anything you should be aware of at once. Good advice for eye health is getting your eyes tested every 1-2 years. They will not only check your vision, but be able to pick up any abnormalities that could hinder good eyesight later on.

2 Take Breaks

Anybody who works in front of their computer every day or does any fine motor-skilled work, needs to take regular breaks. We demand a lot from our eyes every day, but don’t react to information that our body is sending out indicating that our eyes are tired. Take regular breaks, even if it means just staring out the window into the park below.


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3 Get out of the Air Con

Air conditioning and heating are very necessary in our offices in order to provide a comfortable working environment, but they dry out our eyes and our skin very quickly. One of the important tips for healthy eyes for people who work in air-conditioned environments is to get out of the office into the fresh air for a bit and give your eyes a break. Also, keep a glass of water on your desk to try to balance out the dry air.

4 Wear Sunglasses

Being told to wear sunglasses isn’t just a fashion statement. It is one of the important healthy eye tips because sunglasses protect the delicate film of our eyes from being damaged by the sun. Make sure that your eye wear has a sun protection factor of a minimum of 10 and wear those glasses throughout winter and summer.

5 Work Protection

No matter if you are working with chemicals, plants, soil, hot liquids, drills, and heavy machinery, and things like glass – you should always wear eye protection. An astounding amount of eye injuries occur from DIY activities in the home and office. Our delicate eye film is also prone to becoming irritated and inflamed. Cover your eyes at all times.

6 Healthy Diet

Your diet plays a big part in keeping your eyes healthy and functioning at optimum levels. A healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep your eyes healthy. Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, leafy greens, nuts, seafood, avocados, eggs, seeds, whole grains, berries and garlic are just a few of the healthy eye staples.

7 Stop Smoking

Smoking is bad for everything; your lungs, and your skin – your body in general and that doesn’t exclude your eyes. One of the main accelerators of muscular degeneration, smoking is more harmful than ever. In fact, it can almost double your chances of getting MD, which is the primary cause of blindness. Stop smoking now because not many tips for healthy eyes can combat the harmful effects of cigarettes.

8 Regular Eye Exercise

Short eye exercises can help the eyes stay healthy by maintaining the muscle strength and flexibility. When you are taking a short break, do a few basic eye exercises in your office to prevent strain and bloodshot eyes later. Without moving your neck, use your eyes to mark out the outline of a clock and each number going clockwise and anti-clockwise.

9 Balance Blood Glucose Levels

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the biggest side effects of diabetes. This makes it more important than ever to stick to a balanced diet and manage blood glucose levels. If untreated and the glucose levels are consistently out of normal range, you could damage the blood vessels inside the retina permanently.

10 Make up

We all have our own bacteria that will find its way from our eyes to our eye makeup, our mascara, our eye makeup brushes and the like. It is terribly important not to share eye makeup with anybody else, as we run the risk of picking up a nasty bacterial infection that will be uncomfortable, not to mention painful.

There is lots of advice to maintaining healthy eyes that we may not have thought about and some of the best tips for healthy eyes are ones that are literally right in front of us. When looking for good ideas about eye health, which one of these top tips for healthy eyes helped you?

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