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7 Unhealthy Things to Stop Stressing about ...

By Holly

When you feel like you’re about to have a mental breakdown, you have to relax and realize that there are certain things to stop stressing about. Not everything is worthy of your worries. It’s unhealthy to dedicate all of your thoughts to stressful pieces of your life. Take a deep breath, and remember that there are certain things to stop stressing about:

1 Exact Numbers

Once you stop counting, you’ll feel much better. Stop looking at the number on the scale, stop counting calories, and stop counting the number of years you’ve been single. If your goal is to lose weight, you’ll see the results on your body and feel it within yourself. There’s no need for a scale to tell you what you already know. One of the things to stop stressing about is every little number. Don’t count down the minutes until you get to leave work. Enjoy the moment as much as you can.

2 Bad Relationships

If you know that your man is ‘the one,’ then you should work out any issues, and deal with the stress he entails. However, if your boyfriend is causing you more trouble than pleasure, end the relationship. There’s no sense in stressing over a new fight every week. You don’t need that negativity in your life. Leave him, and go find someone else that can make you happy.

3 Uncontrollable Acts

There are some things in life that you have control over, like what job you choose or whether you want children. You can stress about those things, because doing so may cause you to make the right decision. However, you shouldn’t stress over the things that you can’t control. It’s not your choice whether your favorite band breaks up or stays together. As sad as you’ll be if the former happens, you can’t worry about it until then, because it’s not your decision to make.

4 Others' Opinions

Yes, there are certain people whom we want to impress. If your boss or your mother-in-law despises you, then you should try to make things right with her. However, you shouldn’t worry about passersby at the supermarket or random classmates. Who cares what they think of you? You won’t be around them forever.

5 Overanalyzing

You’ll be happier if you stop overanalyzing everything that your friends do. If someone doesn’t answer your text for an hour, don’t wonder if they secretly hate you. Accept that they were busy, and that they have a life of their own. Most of the time, people aren’t upset with you. They’re just trying to live their life, and don’t mean to offend you.

6 Traffic

Road rage is a dangerous thing, and patience is easy to lose. If you’re going to an important meeting or party, make sure you leave early enough to get there on time. Even if it’s a Saturday afternoon, there’s the chance of running into traffic. You don’t want to be stuck in a car, late for an appointment, stressing over every choice you’ve ever made. Just leave the house early to avoid the fuss.

7 Little Splurges

Even if you’re low on cash, you deserve to spend a little bit of money on yourself. Don’t stress over the fact that you purchased dinner at a restaurant instead of heading to a fast food joint. As long as you have enough money to pay the bills, it’s okay to treat yourself. Don’t worry about giving yourself a break.

Stress can cause mental and physical problems, so it’s important to let yourself relax. What do you find yourself stressing out about the most? How do you think you can change that?

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