7 Emotionally Healthy Benefits of Journaling ...


There are so many benefits of journaling. It is one of the most emotionally healthy things that you can do for yourself. It can really help you to get through some hard times in your life. These are 7 of the top benefits of journaling for your emotional and mental health.

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It is a Safe Place to Be Real

Your journal is a safe place where you can be real. You don’t have to hide your true thoughts and feelings. You don’t have to filter them the way you do when you are sharing what you are going through with a friend. You can just be totally real and that is a definite blessing when you are struggling through something. This is one of the best benefits of journaling.


There is Release to Be Found

Journaling can be such a release. You don’t have to hold your feelings inside with a journal. There is no right or wrong, there is just freedom in sharing. Keeping your feelings inside is not healthy. They can eat at you and even make you physically sick until you release them and share them. A journal can absolutely be a great place for that.


Writing is Therapeutic

Writing is so therapeutic. This is something I have known my whole life and have often used to cope with situations I was going through. I am not sure exactly where the magic is, but writing about what you are going through or the lessons that you are learning is very healing. It is as if you are giving yourself therapy when you choose to write. A journal is the perfect choice for this.


You May Work through a Problem

There are a lot of times when you can work through a problem all on your own when you journal. As you journal, you are going through a situation or problem again. Don’t be surprised if an answer jumps out at you or the solution suddenly dawns on you. This is because you are looking at your situation with patience and wisdom, because that is what journaling involves. This makes journaling very rewarding.


You Can Look Back and See How Far You Have Come

A beautiful benefit of journaling is that you have a record of what you have been through. You can look back and see how far you have come. You can look at what you have been through and how you emerged stronger. This is always a wonderful thing. It is really a gift that you give yourself.


It Saves You from Venting

There is something to be said for having a friend that is close enough that you can vent to. They are a treasure and it helps to vent, for sure. But you don’t want to do that all the time for every little problem. Your journal can be a lifesaver there. You can spill and vent and no one is the wiser.


It Helps You Learn

Journaling helps you to learn. You can learn from your mistakes. Just like you can look back and see how you have grown, you can also look back and see where you erred. It is important to recognize when we make a mistake. Not only can we try to correct it but we can do our best not to repeat it.

I love journaling and have found it very helpful in my life. What about you? Do you journal?

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I try to keep one but some one alway finds i!!

I kept a journal and felt really good about it...till my whole family read it

I've been writing journals for over 10 years, and got about 12 so far - haven't written in a while though, need to get back into it!

Exactly, hard to keep personal thoughts and feelings private

I love writing in my journal I'm one on my... What? 24th one (:

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