7 Overlooked Health Habits That Influence a Good Mood ...


7 Overlooked Health Habits That Influence a Good Mood ...
7 Overlooked Health Habits That Influence a Good Mood ...

There are several health habits you might be partaking in daily that are to blame for your up and down moods lately. Are you having mood swings, depression, anxiety, or just sort of feeling off? It’s most likely hormonal issues all caused by certain health habits. To help you change your health habits, and get your hormones back in the game again, let me give you a few tips!

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It sounds so cliche, but exercise is one of the most important health habits to start now if you want your mood in tip top shape. Exercise is like a flame that ignites your entire network of feel good hormones. Exercise releases a reaction in the body that increases serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, and endorphins. All of these make you feel incredible in no time. Plus, exercise has been proven to help people fight off stress better, no matter what comes their way. The best kinds for preventing stress range from all forms of cardio, to yoga, to HIIT, and even Pilates if that’s your thing. Find whatever exercise works for you. Hey, even dancing in your living room for half an hour counts! Whatever you like, just do it, and your mood will increase by the tenfold each day.


Unprocessed Food

Let me give you a little secret, you guys. Processed food marketing is killing your health and your mood. All those products that tell you that you need them to be happy and healthy are doing nothing but emptying your wallets and ruining your mood. Say no to processed food, addictive sugars, and fats, and eat the real stuff. Let me just tell you, there’s nothing like a huge fresh tomato and avocado or a spoonful of raw coconut butter in a smoothie to perk up your mood fast. Raw, healthy foods are key to good mood health, and give you a killer figure. I’ll take that over calorie counting, anti-depressants, and diet pills, what about you?


Social Life

Another important health habit you need to take care of is your social life! You need a healthy social life to prevent depression, loneliness, overeating due to loneliness or depression, and for helping you have fun. You also need to have a healthy social life. What does that mean? One that forgoes overdoing alcohol, a lack of rest, and unhealthy eating habits. Be sure to abide by your healthy diet, get plenty of rest, and nix the alcohol while you’re out having fun. Being with others is what makes social aspects so important for your health and mood, not the nasty booze or toxic food that comes with it.


Power up the Protein

Your brain and body both need protein to run at optimal levels. Never opt for cheap protein powders when looking for high quality protein though. Instead, be sure you use a raw form of protein whenever possible if using protein powder. Also, when it comes to whole foods, be sure you choose lean fish, organic poultry, pastured eggs, and organic, grass-fed beef if you eat it. If you choose vegetarian sources, opt for raw nuts and seeds, non GMO tofu and edamame, green peas, beans, and legumes. Getting enough protein is crucial to your mood. If you’re looking for grain sources, quinoa and oats are higher in protein than other sources on the market, and lower in insulin-spiking carbs. All forms of protein help boost your amino acid intake. This spurs a host of functions in your brain and metabolism to keep you feeling your best. Consume a little protein each time you eat for the best effects on your mood.


No Sugar

Sugar is one of the worst foods to eat for good mood health. It makes you incredibly happy, almost high at first, and then 30 minutes later, you have a huge drop of insulin levels. This makes you cranky, tired, and craving more sugar. Get rid of the sugar and you’ll likely see less depression, improved satiety at meals, fewer unhealthy cravings, and even better skin and weight.


Choose Tea Please

Whenever you can, opt for tea over other caffeinated drinks. Tea is full of antioxidants that you won’t get elsewhere, and it has been linked to a more relaxed mood. My favorites for keeping me calm are green tea and herbal tea. I also like rooibos tea, a red tea which keeps your skin healthy and decreases skin problems.


Good Sleep

A night’s worth of good rest will change your health faster than almost anything else. Get at least 8-9 hours if you can, and see if you don’t feel on top of the world the next day. If you can’t sleep, try my natural tip and pop a melatonin supplement around 1-3 milligrams for two weeks to reset your natural sleep cycle. It helps you drift off quickly with no grogginess in the morning. Or, you can try a homeopathic supplement known as Calms Forte, which I also love.

All of these health habits can greatly improve your mood. I know they sound simple, but most people overlook these health habits and turn directly to antidepressants. These can do a number on your health in a negative way, so always choose the more natural route if possible. What health habits help keep your mind and body happy?

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