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7 Useful Apps to Help You Sleep ...

By Lisa

If you need help drifting off to sleep at night, there are some wonderful iPhone and Android apps to help you sleep! I’m thankful that there are so many useful apps that make my life so much easier and a sleep app is definitely something I take advantage of! I think we all have those nights where we just can’t get to sleep and watching TV, reading or counting sleep just don’t cut it. Well, no worries, from now on you can count on these apps to help you sleep so you can drift off dreamland!

1 Relax Completely


The first of the apps to help you sleep is actually a hypnosis app by one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists that helps relax, clear your mind and blissfully doze off to sleep. Hypnotherapy is a great way to soothe a stressed mind, release tension and relax your mind and body. This app is free and available on the iTunes.

2 Sleepy Time

Sleepy TimeGoogle Play

The next sleep app focuses more on relaxing sounds to help lull your busy mind to sleep. Whether you like sounds of nature, white noise or sounds that remind you of home like the humming of an appliance or a train passing by, Sleepy Time has got you covered! There are over 80 sounds and you can even play DJ and mix them! Free on Android.


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3 Relax Melodies


Another one of the great apps that help you sleep is Relaxing Sounds. This sleep app has 46 different sounds ranging from white noise to nature to urban noise that are great for kids and adults alike! Use this sleep app to drown out outside noise or to help get you in a more relaxed state. Free on iTunes.

4 Lightning Bug

Lightning BugGoogle Play

Here’s another excellent sleep app that is a white noise and ambiance mixer! This app features close to 200 sound loops and samples that range from trains, meditation bells, acoustic instruments. It even features over 50 calming background noises and sound visualizations that’ll help you sleep soundly. Free on Android.

5 Sleep Pillow Sounds: White Noise Machine App

Sleep Pillow Sounds: White Noise Machine

This sleep app is apparently so good that it’s guaranteed that you’ll be asleep in minutes per the developers’ description of the app! It also purports to be effective in helping even difficult sleepers get the sleep they want and need. There are 70 naturally recorded sounds, up to 300,000 combinations of sounds to help you relax and get some shut-eye! $1.99 on iTunes.

6 Relax Timer

Relax TimerGoogle Play

This sleep app features the standard ambient sounds and relaxing white noise sounds but it also has a sleep tracker and you can record your moods and other notes every night so you can see patterns and view charts of your sleep cycle! Free on Android.

7 Sleep Machine


Sleep Machine offers you over 90 ambient sounds and 9 audio tracks to help you fall asleep and wake up feeling rested. If you like variety, you’ll appreciate the multi-tasking capabilities of this app as it allows you to mix music from your iPod with the app’s sounds. Like the other apps, you can look forward to nature sounds, white noise and city noise. $1.99 on iTunes.

These apps that help you sleep can help you unwind from a busy day and just relax so you can get a good night’s rest. I love these apps because they’re great for drifting off to sleep but they’re also great to listen to when you need a break or block out other noises. Do you use any sleep apps?

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