7 Ways to Be Healthy when in College ...


7 Ways to Be Healthy when in College ...
7 Ways to Be Healthy when in College ...

Finding ways to be healthy in college can be a huge challenge for everyone, especially those who have just left home for the first time. Without somebody preparing healthy meals on a regular basis and for new students out of their comfort zone, finding ways to stay healthy in college will take some getting used to. When schedules are tight and you don’t seem to have time for yourself, then finding the time to maintain healthy habits can very well seem impossible. Here are 7 Ways to Be Healthy When in College:

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You Are What You Eat

It can be very tempting to grab a burger or munch down on some fast food while you are on the run between classes, and for a while you will be able to get away with it. But at the end of the day, junk food is not going to keep you healthy in college. You will not get the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to cope, and you will start noticing a decline in the way you feel, before you see physical evidence. Plan and prepare your meals in advance and where possible make your own meals. This way you will be able to cut out many hidden fats and additives.



Just because somebody is not peering over your shoulder reminding you a 100 times to brush your teeth, asking you if you have had a shower today or if you have used deodorant, is no excuse for not actually doing it yourself. Especially if you are playing sport every day, not showering is a cardinal sin, punishable well, by you not having any friends. Keep it real, keep it clean, brush twice a day and hit those showers every single day. Your room mate will have a smile on their face if nothing else.



It is an amazing feeling to be at college for the first time, away from the rules and regulations and of course, nagging parents. You can stay up all night, do whatever you want, come and go as you please without somebody constantly checking up on you. As liberating as that is in the beginning, the novelty will soon wear off and that exhausted feeling will catch up with you. If you are perpetually tired, your diet will suffer, as your body will crave sugars and carbs to help it function with so little sleep, and the unhealthy circle will be hard to break. Get plenty of sleep.



Vitally important in battle to stay healthy at school is exercise. You be doing it at least 3 times a week. If you can afford it, join a gym. Get a friend to join you and you will be less inclined to skip training sessions. If budgets are tight, check out the school facilities. Most colleges offer access to their gyms as part of their tuition fees, so it won’t have to come out of your extra money, so there is really no excuse not to.


Emotional Health

The state of your social health is an important contributor to your emotional well being, and staying healthy at college is not just about diet and exercise, it is about being emotionally balanced as well. All work and no play, is just as bad as being the naughty party animal cousin who stays up all night. If you don’t know anyone, it can be hard at first to make friends, but there will be others who are feeling the same way. Get out there; say yes to invitations, experience all that college life throws at you, some of the friends you make in college you will keep for life.


Keep Your Room Clean

Another liberating thing about college is that there is nobody nagging you to get your kit off the floor. The downside is, nobody is going to come in after getting so frustrated with you taking your time to clean up for you. A dirty room is just a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and, never mind how it actually makes you feel subconsciously. Keep your room and your living area clean and tidy as much as possible.



Probably one of the most un-liberating things college has to offer –stress. Heavy workloads, tuition commitments, the pressure of staying ahead and keeping up with the work and the expectations, will eventually start taking its toll. Try and stay organized, and don’t miss any classes. Bad time management will increase any stress you have so plan everything in advance so you don’t end up burnt out and frazzled after your first semester.

Staying healthy at college will seem like the last thing you have to worry about when you initially get there. With so much going on, you don’t have time to unpack, let alone enjoy a leisurely jog through the park. Making time to keep a healthy routine at college will stand you in good stead in the long run. Maintain your diet and exercise plan at college and you fill find that you are able to cope with the stresses and strains that come with all the freedom and late night studying. These are only 7 Ways to be healthy When in College, what would your most important points be on this list?

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thank you very much!! :) sounds great!

I agree that good nutrition and keeping clean are very important! I've heard about the exercise point from friends -they say exercise makes them feel much better and more energetic. But what do you do if you didn't get much exercise in school and are really unfit :S I've joined my college gym but I'm exhausted even after very short sessions. I often get headachy too after a lot of exercise.... I've had checkups and I have no lung or heart problems. Should I start off slow? Any chance you know any programs for beginners? Thanks! :)

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