11 Ways to Reduce Toxins in All Aspects of Your Life ...

If you are looking for ways to reduce toxins every which way and how, I have got the best and most effective ways to share with you. The amount of toxins you are exposed to and take into your body depends on your lifestyle but all of us are exposed to harmful substances and chemicals 24/7 in our food, water and air. Our poor bodies – especially our liver, kidneys, lungs, gut and skin – have to work really hard to maintain efficient detox systems, so if these ways to reduce toxins can help before our bodily processes have to kick in and work even harder, then so much the better.

1. Avoid Canned Food

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Canned food is so convenient but one of the best ways to reduce toxins is to say no to it – even organic canned food. The reason is that cans contain a Persistent Organic Pollutant called BPA (Bisphenol A). Once it has entered your body, the pollutant can stay there for up to 100 years. It also has several detrimental health effects – it can produce free radicals that will reduce the antioxidant reserves of your body. (If you must have canned food, only buy products in BPA free cans.)

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