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7 Websites to Visit if You're Suffering from Depression ...

By Holly

There are helpful websites to visit if you're suffering from depression and are having trouble coping with everyday life. Your depression may be capable of ruining your week, but you can overcome it. It's a difficult process, but it's entirely possible. Here are some valuable websites to visit if you're suffering from depression:

1 7 Cups of Tea

Visit if you need someone to talk to that isn't related to you or a close friend. The website will connect you to someone who is willing to listen to you, and won't judge you for what you say. The best part? It's free and completely confidential. This is one of the best websites to visit if you're suffering from depression, because it'll help you see that there's always another person willing to help you out as best as they can.

2 I'm Alive is a great website for anyone who is too shy to talk on the phone or is afraid of someone else in the house hearing them. The website allows you to have a typed conversation with someone who is willing to listen to you and will try to calm you down. It can be completely anonymous, so no one will ever know who you are.


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3 Pick the Brain is a blog that has a lot of useful information on it. It contains articles about issues that most people have to deal with, even if they aren't suffering from depression. The site will help you become a happier, more positive person. Of course, you don't have to read every single article on it. Scan the site until you find something that seems like it could help you.

4 Time to Change

Sometimes it helps to know that others are in the same boat as you. Visit to read stories written by other people with depression. Hearing their stories might make you feel more comfortable with your own situation. It might even give you hope that things will get better.

5 Web MD

Web MD is always our go-to website, because it's reliable and contains tons of useful information. Visit in order to take a short quiz about your depression. Once you complete it, the website will tell you the best way to go about helping yourself. If you're not quite sure about what the definition of depression is or what the symptoms are, then the site can tell you that, too.

6 Help Guide

If you're not interested in taking medication for your depression, will be incredibly useful to you. It has tons of suggestions for ways to get rid of your depression that doesn't involve drugs. Read through the list and see if anything is worth the shot.

7 Hotlines

If you need help, don't hesitate to call a hotline. lists all of the different hotlines that you could ever need. If you're suffering from a specific situation, scan the list and call the number that corresponds to your problem. Bookmark the page, because it could be a lifesaver.

Your depression doesn't define you. Even though it has the potential to ruin your day, you will always have the power to overcome it. Just keep thinking positively and never give up hope. Do you know any other helpful websites that men and women with depression should visit?

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