8 Wellness Practices from around the Globe to Adopt for Yourself ...


8 Wellness Practices from around the Globe to Adopt for Yourself ...
8 Wellness Practices from around the Globe to Adopt for Yourself ...

Take a second to do a little experiment for me. Sit down and have a think about the things that you do for yourself on a regular basis that can really be described as self-care and wellness. If you can’t think of anything more than simple food and sleep, then you aren’t doing enough! Keeping on top of your personal wellness is an essential part of life, so the more techniques you are aware of, the more you can incorporate them in your routine. Here are some great wellness practices from around the globe.

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This originates in Denmark, and it is the philosophy that roughly translates as ‘coziness’! It is the concept of incorporating coziness and peace into your life as often as possible through things like reading books under a duvet, having a nice mug of hot cocoa, and spending quality time with friends.



This is the Swedish originated concept of decluttering your living environment in order to have a clearer and more focused mind. The cleaning of your home goes beyond pure aesthetic benefits; it can really improve your state of mind.



This is a Japanese form of wellness that promotes getting out of bed early in the morning and not being miserable and rolling over and getting those extra ten minutes that only serve to make you feel more tired!



This wellness trend originates from Denmark, and it involves six key components: togetherness, money, health, freedom, trust, and kindness. The Danish believe that if all of these are in order, your life will be pleasant and stress free.


Jin Shin Jyutsu

As the name suggests, this is a Japanese philosophy, and it is the art of balancing your energy and spirit by undergoing reflexology exercises and full body massage.


Facial Fitness

The ancient Egyptians were very much into the impact of facial fitness on your overall well-being. It is all about working on and exercising all of the 50 plus muscles in your face, not just the obvious ones like mouth lines and raised eyebrows.



This is another Swedish wellness trend that is basically all about having whatever you want in your life, but always making sure that you have the ‘right amount’. It’s kind of an extended version of ‘everything in moderation’, and the Swedish people seem to be doing very well out of it!



This is the Japanese trend of ‘forest bathing’. It promotes the emotional and physical benefits of getting out in nature and becoming more in tune with the wonder of the outside world.

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