What's the Best Stress Relief for Your Zodiac Sign ?


What's the Best Stress Relief for Your Zodiac Sign ?
What's the Best Stress Relief for Your Zodiac Sign ?

According to the experts, your zodiac sign plays a role in personality, which means your sign might indicate the best way to relieve stress. We all have stressful lives, between work, kids, relationships and taking care of responsibilities at home. When it all gets to be too much, stress relief is the name of the game. Wondering what the best option is for you? Consider this zodiac based information and you’ll be zen in no time.

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BAZAAR, Brady, If this is your sign, a full day off from time to time is just what you need to unwind and destress. Make sure that you spend your day off doing absolutely nothing. Catch up on your favorite TV shows or read that stack of magazines, but don’t try to get housework done or catch up on organizing your closet or things will backfire.



facial expression, face, person, finger, hand, Taurus ladies can relieve all sorts of stress by simply having a mantra. Because girls with this sign tend to fixate on things and can’t handle failure, it’s good to have a little quote you can repeat to yourself when things get tough. Something like, “you are enough,” or “this too shall pass” are great options.



human action, person, sports, physical fitness, muscle, Geminis tend to have a hard time turning off their mind, so stress can get the best of them if they don’t have enough to do. Staying active, therefore, is a great way to keep stress at bay if this is your sign. Exercise of any type fits the bill just right!



people, Girls who fall into this zodiac sign often keep their feelings to themselves, but can take things hard too. They often bottle up their stress until things just get to be too much and then they blow. Instead, try meditation to keep things under control. Cancers also tend to find stress relief when they help others, so consider volunteering somewhere.



hair, human hair color, blond, person, clothing, Leos tend to be on a power struggle most of the time. This is a good thing because it keeps you in control of your own destiny. At the same time, it can be pretty stressful. When things threaten to overwhelm you, give yourself some TLC and you should be feeling better in no time. Spa day, anyone?



guitarist, screenshot, Like Gemini ladies, Virgos tend to think a lot and want everything to be perfect. As you can imagine, this can make many aspects of life pretty stressful. After all, how often do any of us attain perfection? For Virgos, stress relief often comes from writing things down. Getting thoughts and ideas on paper can really help.



hair, person, beauty, hairstyle, mouth, If this is your sign, the source of your stress is probably something to do with confrontation and unfairness. When that happens, your zodiac sign is directing you to go ahead and have a peaceful confrontation with the person causing you stress. Talking things out can really help.



fashion, hairstyle, What, need, You, Scorpios tend to be very sensitive so a wide variety of things can hurt your feelings and make you feel stressed out. Because you enjoy your privacy, it can also be stressful when others put expectations on you. To relieve that stress, be sure you make clear boundaries for those around you.



finger, green, grass, close up, hand, If this is your sign, you probably like being in constant motion and always having something to do. However, this go, go, go lifestyle can get old sometimes and make you feel ragged and stressed. In those times, it’s best to stay busy with the things you love and also get some time outdoors to connect with nature.



dance, performing arts, sports, entertainment, team sport, Capricorn ladies often place high expectations on themselves and spend more time on other people’s needs than their own. This obviously makes life a stressful thing from time to time. Your best source of stress relief is to make time for enjoyable pursuits.



romance, interaction, This sign is characteristic of people of who love adventure and are smart and witty. Aquarius girls tend to overextend themselves and stress out over making too many commitments. Their best source of stress relief is to try and live a more laid back lifestyle and let go of some of the control.



person, If you’re a Pisces, you probably like your privacy and tend to be secretive about your life. Trying to keep things under wraps can be pretty stressful. To help you unwind and let go of some of that stress, distance yourself from people who stress you out and make time for yourself on a regular basis.

What’s your sign? Is this info accurate?


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Yes, what's TLC?

I'm Gemini and love being lazy. I definitely do not stress about being lazy.

Spot on for me

What is TLC?

I'm Pisces. I love upbeat music when stressed and poetry.


TLC tender loving care

Im a gemini and that's totally accurate for me

Thank you Paulijl.

live a more laidback lifestyle?.. these are terrible tips lol

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