How Much Sleep You Need According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


How Much Sleep You Need According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
How Much Sleep You Need According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Ever wondered about the recommended amount of sleep for your zodiac sign? Long, luxurious, loving sleep. I think we can all agree that there is nothing better than finally sinking down into your bed at the end of a hard day and letting yourself drift off into the land of dreams! If you took a poll of any crowded room, I think that you would probably find yourself surprised by just how different people’s sleeping habits and rituals can be. Whilst some people cannot function without anything less than 8 hours a night, others find themselves more alert and ready to take on the day with only 4 or 5! Apparently, astrology can provide some insights into what your ideal routine should be. Here is the recommended amount of sleep for your zodiac sign.

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You are very in tune with your mental needs, and you make your body respect what your mind is telling you. This often means that you will give yourself anything up to nine hours in bed, whatever you feel you might need on that given day.



Your days are super busy and that is helped by your trademark well of energy! Because of your natural alertness, you definitely don’t need more than seven hours.



You operate best when calm and stable, and you definitely feel happiest at home, so a good eight and half hours will have you ready to take on the day!



Consistency has never been your thing, but you don’t suffer because of it. You either want to get six hours or sleep or nine hours, anything in between might leave you feeling a little groggy mid cycle!



There’s no getting around it, bed is your favourite location in the entire world. If you could sleep all day long, you would, but instead, you’ll have to settle for an already indulgent nine and half hours!



You are a light sleeper who can wake from the smallest of noises, so somewhere around the six and half hour mark is perfect for you.



You are perfectionist and the more precise person in the world, so when it comes to sleeping patterns, you should have it down to an absolute science! Let’s go with seven hours and forty-seven minutes, with those last seven being you deliberately ignoring your alarm in the morning!



Everything in your life is about balance, so a classic seven and half hours under the duvet should set you up nicely for the day ahead.



I pity the fool who tries to wake you up in the morning because you might as well be dead for all the success they will have! No number is long enough for you, but we’ll have to cap it off at a solid ten hours so that you don’t turn in to a vampire.



You are a natural born world traveller, so for you, there is no number, it all depends on what your jet lag might feel like on any given day, or whether you have to be up early for your next great adventure!



You are massively goal driven and ambitious, and you need enough sleep to aid you in your superhero missions throughout the day. The classic eight hours should be just enough.



Honestly, trying to figure out the routine of an Aquarius is a losing battle! You are a restless spirit who is never quite sure what they want, so your sleep could be anything from five to nine hours, it can change with the wind!

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