7 Ways for Flatter Abs ...


With summer inching ever closer, many people are starting to think more seriously about getting in shape. The warmer weather tends to make people want to work out and tone up their winter weary bodies, in order to look great lounging on the beach. If you are considering devising a plan of attack on your mid-section, then take a look at the following 7 ways for flatter abs.

7. Take up Jogging

Jogging isn't as hard on your body as running, but not everyone is able to take up this exercising technique. Running causes a lot of impact on the knees and should really be worked up to. You can always start off with walking and then work up towards jogging and/or running later on. It's better to start off slow. You wouldn't want to injure yourself right way. Jogging is a great way to loose excess pounds and be on your way to toning up those abs.

Do Yoga
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