7 Clues You Might Be a Hypochondriac ...


There are many signs you might be a hypochondriac. Not sure what a hypochondriac is? A hypochondriac is a person who thinks they are having symptoms of an illness when they really aren’t. They read something or hear about a disease from a friend and become fearful that they too may have the illness. They then begin to question their own body and health. If you are constantly plagued with feeling ill only to find out later nothing is wrong, you may be a hypochondriac. If this sounds like you, check out these 7 clues you might be a hypochondriac.

1. Anxious of Getting Sick

One sign of hypochondria is feeling anxious about getting sick. If you constantly worry about getting sick or having a certain disease you might be a hypochondriac. You may have obsessive compulsive like tendencies when it comes to germs. Do you constantly wash your hands, douse in hand sanitizer, and avoid contact with other people or germy places? This is a clear sign that you may be a hypochondriac.

Over Think Symptoms
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