15 Signs You Might Have Diabetes ...


15 Signs You Might Have Diabetes ...
15 Signs You Might Have Diabetes ...

With the condition becoming increasingly common, it’s wise to watch out for signs you might have diabetes. If it is left untreated, diabetes can have very serious consequences, so you should always consult your doctor if you suspect you are showing symptoms. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Some symptoms are signs of either type 1 or 2, while others can indicate both types. Here are some possible signs you might have diabetes …

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Excessive Thirst

One of the most obvious and well-known signs you might have diabetes is if you develop an unusual and excessive thirst. It can occur for two different reasons, but the result is the same: you need to drink a lot more than you would normally. So if you have this symptom, visit your doctor to get checked out.


Bathroom Visits

Not surprisingly, if you are drinking a lot more than normal, you also end up going to the bathroom more frequently. This is another of the “classic” signs that someone might have diabetes. Sufferers will often wake up during the night needing to use the bathroom. If this happens, you know what to do – see you doctor and get tested!



As well as the typical symptoms of thirst and increased bathroom visits, there are several other, less common symptoms that may indicate diabetes. It can also cause you to experience tiredness. There are many different reasons why someone may feel extremely tired, so again a visit to the doctor is called for, so that he or she can determine if it is diabetes or another condition.



Another possible symptom of diabetes is thrush and itching in the genital area. Again, this can be caused by other conditions, but in the case of diabetes it is due to the excess sugar causing yeast infections. If you have thrush more than three or four times in a year, this may indicate diabetes. So any itchiness or burning in the vaginal area needs to be checked out.


Vision Problems

Diabetics can also experience problems with their vision, again because of the excess sugar in the blood. These may include dry eyes or blurred vision. Diabetes can even lead to sight loss, so it is essential for it to be diagnosed and monitored. Once diagnosed, diabetics need to attend regular sessions for retinal screening, which will detect any changes. This is important, as there may not even be any symptoms.


Slow Healing

Have you cut yourself lately, and noticed that the cut has been slow to heal? This can also be another sign of diabetes, so again, if you experience this symptom you should get your doctor to check it out. Diabetics can be more likely to get infections, as their immune system can become weakened by high levels of blood sugar.


Increased Appetite

Finally, another symptom that may indicate diabetes is if you develop an increased appetite. Like other symptoms, this is sometimes caused by other conditions (such as an overactive thyroid), but since it can also be one of the lesser-known signs of diabetes, head off to your doctor if you notice that you are eating a lot more.



If you have recently noticed that you've been dropping pounds unintentionally, make a doctors appointment immediately. Loss of about 20 pounds over a three month period is one of the early signs of diabetes. Since insulin doesn't aid the entrance of glucose into the cells, which could be used for energy, your body begins to break down protein from muscles in order to sustain your itself. In addition your kidneys begin work excessively in order to eliminate that extra glucose. The combination of these two processes leads to unhealthy weight loss.


Skin Problems

Skin itches, rashes, and darkening spots can all be early warning signs of diabetes. It's also a sign that your body is turning on its defense mechanism and beginning its insulin resistance process despite that fact that your blood sugar might not even be extremely high at that point. Therefore if you see drastic changes in your skin, it might be best to get it checked out to be proactive.



High blood sugar can have many detrimental effects to your body, such as permanent nerve damage. If you begin to feel numbness, tingling, pain and swelling in the hands and feet, don't just brush off the symptoms! These can be the early signs that your nerves are being damaged by diabetes. However it could be reversed, if the patient seeks help immediately!


Lose Hearing

The effect of nerve damage that is caused by the high blood sugar can also be seen if hearing loss occurs. Sound transmissions from the outside world to your brain can be interrupted if the small blood vessels and nerves in your ear are damaged. This symptom is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes, therefore if it applies to you, seek some professional help!


Bleeding Gums

If you notice bleeding in your gums while brushing your teeth, examine yourself in the mirror as soon as possible. If you notice that your gums seem to have pulled back from your teeth and formed pockets, it's important to get them checked. Diabetes tends to weaken your mouth's fighting power, therefore making gum disease more prevalent and in return gum disease makes it harder to control diabetes!


Leg Cramps

High blood sugar can affect your body in more ways than you can imagine. It can cause circulation problems, which can also cause certain parts of your body, such as calves, thigh and buttocks to hurt during movement. Although the pain can decrease with rest, it's important to get yourself checked out and start treatment if the cause is diabetes!


Changes in Perspiration

Although perspiration rate varies with each person, it's important to make sure that your sweating rate is consistent and doesn't fluctuate dramatically. Some people who suffer from diabetes tend to sweat during the night or while eating, while others tend to stop sweating entirely despite the high temperatures. Perspiration is your body's way of maintaining equilibrium and if it malfunctions, serious health damage can occur in your body.


Dry Mouth

As if ruining your gums and your mouth's defense power was not enough, diabetes can also cause you mouth to feel dry and sore. High blood sugar levels can rob your mouth of moisture and cause sore pain, in addition to cavities. If any of these signs are persistent and common to your body, make sure the cause is not diabetes or any other serious disease.

Never ignore symptoms of any kind; it's better to see your doctor and find out that you're fine, rather than ignore them and have your health deteriorate. The earlier that diabetes is treated, the better. Many diabetics manage their condition well, and there is no need to be scared of a diagnosis. A simple blood or urine test will reveal if you have diabetes, and if so, it can be treated in the appropriate way. Some don't even need medication if they are borderline. Are you diabetic, or do you know someone with the condition?

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Also irritability and dramatic unintentional weight loss can be signs, my dad was diagnosed eight years ago but he sticks to the rules these days :)

This just terrified me :( I'm to scared to get checked

Diabetes can be also mistaken by sensitivity to carbs, I've been experiencing diabetes signs for a while when it turns out my body react weird to carbs.

Nope! Got majority of them and I'm not diabetic. All symptoms are same for everything lol xxx

I think I may have diabetes, I have most of these. So scared to visit the GP :(

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