9 Digestive Rules to Avoid Bloating ...


Most of us would prefer to avoid bloating whenever possible but with ever increasingly busy lives and ever changing diets most people have experienced the discomfort of stomach swelling at some time or another.

When excessive amounts of solids or gas accumulate in the stomach, the muscles relax and make more room which results in bloating.

However, by thinking about what you eat when and how you eat it, you should be able to avoid bloating most of the time.

There are various tips and tricks you can try so here are the 9 Digestion Rules to Avoid Bloating:

1. Sit and Chill

One of the best ways to avoid bloating couldnโ€™t be simpler to implement but it is surprising how many people still insist on grabbing something to eat on the hoof.

Sitting down whilst eating not only enhances the pleasure you will get from the food but also ensures that the digestive tract is relaxed and enables the food that is being eaten to be digested correctly.

And speaking of relaxed, try to eat whilst in a calm and relaxed state, although stress doesnโ€™t directly impact on bloating it will increase the chance of indigestion.

2. No Slouching

It is also important to sit correctly if you are to avoid bloating.

Being hunched over a desk isnโ€™t going to work.

Slouching will place additional pressure on your digestive tract and increase the potential of becoming bloating.

3. Masticate

Another simple way to avoid bloating is to chew your food!

I know that you already chew your food of course, but the importance of this action cannot be overstated.

Every mouthful should be chewed 20 times, this can be a difficult habit to initiate but persevere because it really does pay dividends.

Chewing is the first step to good digestion and causes the food that we eat to be broken down more efficiently.

It also alerts the other digestive organs to get ready for the food that they are about to received and produce digestive juices.

Donโ€™t Drink and Eat
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