Say Bye 👋🏼 to Lemon 🍋 Water 💦 and Hello 😀 to Cucumber 🥒 Water 💦 ...


No one can deny the health benefits of lemon water but if you drink it regularly, maybe you need a change or at least an alternative to mix things up.

Enter cucumber water.

Like lemon, cucumber is a seemingly pretty average everyday foodstuff but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to benefits.

As well as being refreshing, these are the reasons to drink cucumber water:

1. Prevents Nutrient Deficiencies

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One of the key benefits of cucumber water is that it has been shown to fight against and help to prevent certain nutrient deficiencies.

The combination of water and cucumber is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and the all-important manganese that is crucial for strong and continued good health.

Some side effects of nutrient deficiency are chronic fatigue, muscle and bone weakness and a weak immune system.

Heart Health
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