7 Health Questions Every Girl Should Ask Their Mother ...


Health questions to ask mum are more important than you probably imagine.

You’ve always been aware you have her coloring and perhaps, more of us are more like our mums than we care to admit.

There is however, the distinct possibility that we have inherited so much more, giving health questions to ask mum a certain significance.

Women have always been carriers of certain diseases and genetic conditions more than men, therefore being forewarned is perhaps forearmed.

Here’s 7 Important Health Questions Every Girl Should Ask Her Mother:

1. Are You Shorter Now than before?

If your mum has shrunk as she’s aged it could be due to osteoporosis.

Surprisingly, this affects one in three women and is significant because 80% of our bone health is inherited.

This makes an important health question to ask mum because, if your mum has a hip fracture caused by osteoporosis, your own risk increases by 300%.

If you’re concerned, ask your doctor for a bone density scan.

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