7 Helpful Tips for Dealing with Guilt ...


I think of lot of people could benefit from helpful tips for dealing with guilt.

There are a million reasons to feel guilty, but not quite as many ways to deal with guilt once you feel that way.

You might feel guilty because of a fight, because someone in your office got reprimanded, because you hurt someone you love, or because someone important to you died.

While guilt occurs for many reasons, and the types are quite different, there are some universal similarities and standards.2

That being the case, learning how to deal with guilt using these tips should help you regardless of the circumstances.

1. Why Are You Guilty?

As mentioned, there are many reasons for feeling guilty, so one of the most essential tips for dealing with guilt is to understand why you feel the way you do.

Sometimes guilt is actually good, because it helps you grow.

However, it's incredibly important to understand your feelings first.

If you feel guilty for hurting a friend, then you'll have to follow a certain set of steps to deal with your feelings.

Then again, feeling guilty because of the loss of a loved one or because of something entirely out of your control requires a different path.

2. Be Accountable

One of the reasons guilt can be good is because it makes you responsible.

You have to own what you've done.

Often, guilt is your conscience's way of letting you know that you've done something really bad.2

Maybe you did something seemingly small, like buying a dress you know your friend wanted.2

Maybe it was worse, like going after a guy in whom your friend is interested.

You might have cheated on a test, or cheated to get a promotion at work.

Either way, hold yourself accountable.

Admit what you've done, and done make justifications or excuses to try and make yourself look better.

Sometimes that simply isn't possible.

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