Crystals πŸ’Ž to Keep in Your Home 🏑 if You Want a Well-Balanced βš–οΈ Life 🌎 ...


For various reasons, my house is full of crystals and I know what all of them do.

I'm not going to say they're not helpful sometimes, either, just as I won't say they're helpful all the time.

They're also pretty, so they make nice dΓ©cor.

My point is, I happen to know a lot about placing crystals in and around the house, and how doing so really can make your life a bit more balanced.

1. Fluorite


Do you spend a lot of time worrying about things?

A little fluorite placed in the room where you can't shut off your mind – your office if you can't focus on work, your bedroom if you think too much when you're trying to sleep – can help you calm down, relieve your anxiety, and get out of a thought-rut.

2. Citrine


People who are in the know sometimes call this a cuddle stone because it inspires a feeling of coziness.

Even when you're alone, you won't feel lonely.

If you're with someone you love, you'll feel positively affectionate.

Put some citrine in the bedroom or living room.

3. Howlite


Though the name suggests otherwise, this can actually help you deal with your insomnia.

4. Sodalite


Fun name!

It can also help with over-sensitivity and bring you more clarity.

5. Malachite


Malachite is quite pretty, plus it balances the right and left sides of your brain.

It also opens you wide up for creativity and invites change.

6. Celestite


Are you high-strung?

Anxious, nervous, restless?

Put some celestite in your personal spaces.

It keeps you feeling peaceful and serene – for real.

7. Azurite


In addition to being gorgeous, azurite changes the negative – negative thought patterns, resentments, arguments, spite.

Good for the spaces you most often share with your partner, I've found.

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