7 Natural Ways to Get Relief from Migraines ...


Do you suffer from migraines every now and then? Guest contributor Joel Cordle shares some natural remedies that you can use to keep migraines at bay.

Migraines can happen at any time of the day. They sometimes come without notice. Most people who experience a migraine are often crippled for the entire day. People usually take pain medication to relieve migraine symptoms but even that may not be enough to subdue it sometimes. Why not try these natural remedies when you have your next migraine attack?

1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the few natural ways to reduce the frequency of migraines and it may even lower the pain you feel during a bout of migraine. In 2011, a research from the University of Gottenburg in Sweden discovered that people who do aerobic exercises are able to prevent more bouts of migraine than the preventative medication topiramate. One-third of the patients in the study exercised on a stationary bike three times a week for forty minutes and had no migraine attacks during that period. Exercise triggers the release of endorphins which is known to relieve tension.

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