7 Tasty & Healthy Snacks for Kids ...


What was the last thing you saw your child munching on today – chips? A sugary snack? Candy Bars? While I understand that it’s hard for parents to be objective about their children, in some cases, prudent judgment is called for in the interest of the overall health and well-being of the child. Continue to indulge your munchkins in this manner and very soon they will become a part of the national obesity statistics. My advice to you – no need to ban snacks for your kids and no need to compromise on taste either by forcing them to eat food made for dieters and the diabetic. Choose any of these 7 tasty and healthy snacks for kids and inculcate healthy eating habits right from today.

1. Yogurt

It’s healthy, it’s tasty, and it comes conveniently packed in a portable cup. Rich in calcium and essential vitamins and minerals, yogurt also has healthy bacteria that facilitate the efficient functioning of the digestive tract. Have it plain or turn it into a tasty dip for crackers, fruits, and vegetables – yogurt is an enjoyable treat in virtually any form.

Trail Mix
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