10 Ways to Sleep Better ...


So many of us suffer the ill effects of poor sleep, it’s surprising that we don’t have our own Awareness Day or magnet-ribbon for our cars.

It’s to the point some mornings that I’m incredibly jealous of my friends who don’t have dark circles under their eyes, the ones who look bright eyed and bushy tailed.

No fair!

After some conversations with my family doctor, he gave me a list of things I can do to get to sleep faster, and stay asleep, none of which require a prescription.

Here are a 10 ways to sleep better… thanks, Dr.2


1. Avoid Caffeine

Avoid Caffeine

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to avoid stimulants, like caffeine, for at least a few hours before bedtime.

Caffeine is in almost all coffees and teas (even decaf) and you can also find it in most caramel-colored sodas and in chocolate, so beware of what you eat and drink.

2. Keep Arguments out of the Bedroom

Keep Arguments out of the Bedroom

Try to remember that your bedroom is for sleeping, not for fighting with your sweetie or for punishing your kids.

Knitting, reading, fine.

Fighting or even having serious conversations in bed?


3. Kick the Pets out

Kick the Pets out

That’s right — your partner’s tossing and turning may not be the only thing keeping you awake.

If you have pets, and they often sleep with you, they could be the culprits keeping you from sleeping.

Kick them out of bed and see if you sleep better.

I hate to say it, but this can also apply to co-sleeping children, especially those older than 5.

4. Cool down

Cool down

Studies have shown that most of us sleep better, deeper, when our bedrooms are cooler.

I’m not really advocating using an air conditioner, or even a fan, but rather, if your allergies will allow it, open a window!3

Although, the white noise of a fan or air conditioner may help you sleep, too.

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