9 Wonderful Ways to Fight Foot Odor in Hot Weather ...


Think there aren’t any truly effective ways to fight foot odor?

There are actually lots of things you can do to freshen up your feet and help them stay cool in the hot weather.

Clearly, there’s nothing worse than leaving your house in a new pair of sandals only to return with sweaty feet that have an odor to them.

Sure, you could always wear closed shoes, but it’s summer so of course you’re going to want to show off your pedi and cute sandals!

Read through some of these clever ways to fight foot odor and strut with pride!

1. Wash up

One of the best ways to fight foot odor that you’re probably already doing is to wash your feet daily.

Wash them with soap and warm water and make sure you don’t skip the areas between your toes.

Once you’re done washing, dry off completely with a towel before you put on socks or shoes.2

Also, skip the lotion since it’s just going to keep your feet moist.

If you want to absorb moisture, try out a powder instead.

Salt Soak
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