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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Coffee Beans ...

By Heather

There are some pretty incredible health benefits of green coffee beans. As soon as Doctor Oz announced this supplement has been linked to impressive weight loss, the diet industry was practically bombarded with supplements within weeks. Outside of the fact this supplement has been linked to weight loss, there are some other overall health benefits of green coffee beans to consider. In fact, researchers are now finding that the green coffee bean may just be one of the best foods to consume for overall health and wellness. Intrigued yet?

1 High ORAC Value

The ORAC score of a food is simply a measurement of the antioxidants a food contains and one of the best health benefits of green coffee bean is the high ORAC value. With an ORAC score of around 2,500, they far surpass berries, kale, or regular coffee. Just remember to choose a supplement that’s raw since the roasted form is likely not as beneficial.

2 Reduces Sugar Cravings

Green coffee bean has been found to reduce glucose in the blood which in turn, reduces sugar cravings and insulin resistance. It is also high in chromium, a B vitamin that reduces sugar cravings and insulin levels.

3 Thermogenic

Need an energy boost? Raw green coffee bean might help. Studies have shown it increases the metabolism which not only burns fat, but also gives you more energy throughout the day.

4 Boosts Mental Focus

Green coffee beans are essentially the raw form of coffee that have not been heated or processed. Since we all know our daily cup of coffee helps boost mental focus, why not get the benefits in an even more powerful form? Coffee beans contain specific compounds that improve neurotransmitter functions in the brain and may even reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease.

5 Reduces Blood Pressure

One of the main benefits of green coffee beans is they help reduce stress and blood pressure. The active compound in green coffee beans, known as chlorogenic acid, reduces blood pressure and possibly the risk of diabetes.This acid is destroyed by the roasting process in regular coffee beans, making green coffee beans the better choice.

6 Anti-aging

Due to its high ORAC value, green coffee beans help reduce the aging effects of free radicals. A 400 milligram supplement contains around 2500 ORAC units while blueberries only offer around 10. That’s no reason to stop eating blueberries, but if you want more anti-aging benefits for your buck, go for the green coffee bean.

7 Caffeine-Free

One of the best benefits of green coffee beans is that due to their low caffeine content, the raw form delivers almost no caffeine at all. Caffeine may aid in weight loss and mental focus, but as you know, too much is never a good thing.

It’s important not to head to your health food store and buy any old green coffee bean extract out there. Be sure to choose one that is raw, contains at least 400 milligrams, and be sure it states it is only pure green coffee bean extract. You may also see green coffee bean products marketed as Svetol, which is one of the best metabolism-boosting forms. For more resources and healthy supplements, feel free to visit some of the links below. Have you heard of green coffee bean supplements or extracts?


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