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There are so many interesting and incredible things your brain does on a day-to-day basis that you probably don’t realise! If you smile, think, see, get nervous or have an idea, you can thank your amazing brain. Did you know your brain can also cure illnesses? Read on to find out more amazing things your brain does!

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Generates Enough Electricity to Power a Lightbulb

Throughout the day, your brain generates energy due to all of the electrical currents simply needed for living. The energy that your brain creates is enough to power a 25 watt light bulb - not overly bright, but certainly not something to scoff at! Generating energy is just one of the incredible things your brain does.


Has 70,000 Thoughts per Day

Sounds like a phenomenal number, doesn’t it?! Just reading through this post is causing you to have thoughts, all adding towards your average of 70,000 per day. You have thoughts without even realising it, even as simple as deciding which side of the sofa to sit on! There are 86,400 seconds in 24 hours, so that means you are having nearly one thought per second!


Reads People’s Faces

You can thank your brain every time you know how someone is feeling. Your brain helps you to read people’s faces to detect emotions and allow you to feel empathy towards them. Even small changes in facial expressions such as a slight downward droop on someone’s mouth or a little crease in their eyebrow can trigger your brain into knowing that they are sad, allowing you to behave accordingly.


Senses Danger

It’s the well-known fight or flight response - if you are in a situation that could potentially become dangerous to you, your brain will trigger your defence mechanisms and prepare you for the worst-case scenario: your heart rate will increase, providing you with adrenaline, your pupils will dilate giving you sharper eyesight, just to name a few.


Cures Illnesses

It is thought that as much as 70% of illnesses can be cured just by positive thinking! It seems that most symptoms are aggravated simply by worrying about them, or by preoccupation with the illness. So perhaps the best thing to do next time you’re feeling sick is just to try and keep your mind off it - you might find yourself cured!


Keeps You Cool

If your brain didn’t work the way it should have, you would not be very comfortable - the hypothalamus section of your brain helps to regulate your body temperature by triggering your body’s sweat mechanism , and it is in the hypothalamus that fevers are started when you’re ill.


Corrects Your Vision

Believe it or not, you actually see the world upside-down and back-to-front! The cornea in your eye is concave, meaning that what you are currently seeing is flipped. It is your brain which works 24/7 to correct this vision by turning it right-way-up and creating a mirror image. After all, it might be a bit confusing walking on the ceiling!

It’s easy to overlook all of the amazing things your brain does daily, but hopefully this list made you aware of just some of them. It’s also possible to train your brain into doing all kinds of wonderful things like memorising huge sequences - give it a try! What great mental skills do you possess?

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Great article & interesting...😯


Positive thinking cured my mental illness... I had no idea it could cure physical illnesses also! That is absolutely amazing!!!

This is great!! For a second I read "braid" instead of brain" and I got confused... Hahahaha

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