7 Benefits of Taking the Birth Control Pill ...


7 Benefits of Taking the Birth Control Pill ...
7 Benefits of Taking the Birth Control Pill ...

If you're sexually active, then you need to be using some form of birth control to practice safe sex. Even if you're using condoms, it's always a great idea to use another contraceptive, like the pill. That's why you should talk to your doctor about your options the next time you go for a checkup. Even though the pill can impact every woman differently, here are a few common benefits of taking the birth control pill:

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You Probably Won't Get Pregnant

You Probably Won't Get Pregnant The most obvious benefit of taking the pill is that it lowers your risk of becoming pregnant. If you're sexually active, but don't want to end up with a baby, then that's exactly what you need. Condoms are only 98% effective, which is why the pill is always a good idea for women who don't have the time for a baby.


Your Acne Might Clear up

Your Acne Might Clear up Some women who take the pill actually end up with clearer skin. That means that you won't have to worry about finding a new way to clear up your acne. The pill will help you clear it up. Isn't that a relief?


Your Period Will Become Regular

Some virgins are big supporters of the birth control pill, because it does more than prevent pregnancy. It also makes your period regular. So if you've been having a lot of problems during that time of the month, you might want to think about starting the pill, even if you aren't planning on having sex anytime soon.


Your Period Will Become Lighter

Your Period Will Become Lighter In addition to making your periods regular, the pill can also make your periods lighter. That means you won't have to buy super thick tampons and pads anymore. You might even end up with shorter periods, which means you'll have an extra day or two to relax each month.


You'll Have Reduced Menstruation Migraines

You'll Have Reduced Menstruation Migraines Don't you hate those horrible headaches and cramps that you get during that time of the month? The pill won't destroy them completely, but they should help reduce your period symptoms. That means you'll still dread your period, but not as much as you usually do. The pill will make it more bearable.


You Might Get Bigger Breasts

You Might Get Bigger Breasts The pill isn't going to make you go up two cup sizes. However, it might cause your boobs to grow a little bit. That means, if you're uncomfortable with their current size, you might end up with a treat when you start taking the pill!


You'll Have Less Unwanted Body and Facial Hair

Most women who take the pill end up with less hair on their body and face. That means that you won't have to deal with all of those pesky chin hairs that pop up. Instead of tweezing them whenever you see them, the pill will get rid of most of them for you. Isn't that great news?

Even though there are plenty of benefits of taking the birth control pill, make sure you discuss your options with your doctor. After all, different things work best for different women. And don't forget to continue using condoms, because birth control only prevents you from becoming pregnant, and doesn't do anything to stop the spread of STDs. Are you currently on the birth control pill or do you feel like it's the wrong option for you?

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I have an MD, it's not recommended for everybody, it may be the go to thing to do but try to speak to your doctor before going on it long term. There are side effects and risk factors, like people with high blood pressure and those smoking shouldn't be taking oral contraceptive pills. There are also studies that show the long term negative effects of it, so talk to you doctor about it

They affected my body badly and I came off them over two years ago and am still experiencing side effects 😭 they're great for some people and there are positives to them but omg there are lots of negatives that people should research beforehand xxxxx

I hate birth controll,every single one I've been on made me incredibly angry,violent even so I just deal with the period pain

Honestly, i wouldn't take them.. Idk why.. I think they r bad for our bodies

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