Cannabis Topicals: What You Need to Know ...

With the growing popularity of cannabis among patients looking for benefits, including pain relief and anxiety treatment, more cannabis-based products have been introduced to the market. One of them is cannabis topicals, which can be in the form of lotions, creams, and balms. Know more about these topicals, so keep reading in the following section.

What Are Cannabis Topicals?
These topicals can be in the form of cannabis-infused balms, lotions, and oils, which are absorbed through the skin. They work effectively for inflammation, soreness and localized pain relief.

They’re non-intoxicating because they’re made from cannabidiol (CBD) and contain little to no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is associated with the high or the stoner’s effect.

The Topicals are used by patients looking to receive the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the euphoria, which is also associated with other administration methods of marijuana, such as smoking or eating edibles.

The effects of these topicals are localized, not spread throughout the body but only the part where it is applied.
How Are Marijuana-Infused Topicals Made?
Marijuana-infused topicals are made differently based on the final output expected of it. Ingredients can also be diverse.

For example, cannabis-infused balms manufacturing can start by choosing a wax, such as a bee’s wax as a base, and then adding in the oil after the hard waxes have been melted down and with the temperature remaining the same before adding the hemp seed or cannabis oil, which is premade cannabis-infused oil.

Blending everything together is done after adding in the oils. At this stage, it is essential to ensure consistent temperature, which should not be too hot, or else, cannabinoids will burn, gradually changing the balm’s consistency.

For the detailed steps on how to make cannabis topical, here is the source where the demo from a lab has been presented.

What are The Health Benefits of Topicals?

If you’re interested in using topicals for pain and other conditions, discover some of its most known benefits in the following.

1. Pain Management

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For one, marijuana for chronic pain is one major benefit of topical, particularly for localized pain management. So, if you’re suffering from joint, knee or back pain, you might want to apply cannabis topicals, which include oils, balms, and creams. But for whole body pain, you might want to have a cannabis massage.

Topicals not only are effective but also fast acting. You can expect them to work within seconds once applied. The cannabinoids in them bind quickly to the skin’s CB2 receptors for immediate pain relief.

These products don’t enter the bloodstream because they work on a peripheral basis, causing no psychoactive effects.

It is for the same reason that MMJ patients can apply it liberally on their skin without worrying about the “high” associated with THC in marijuana plants.

2. Anti-aging

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Keeping skin youthful is one of the taunted benefits of cannabis-infused topicals that include creams and lotions. People who want to take advantage of it incorporate cannabis into their beauty routine.

Cannabis has anti-aging properties because of its high levels of antioxidants that can prevent skin cell damage due to pollution and toxins.
They can also speed up the healing and repair process in damaged skin tissues.
Cannabidiol may also be a more potent source of antioxidants versus vitamins C or E are.

3. Anti-inflammatory

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About 350 million are arthritis sufferers worldwide, particularly the elderly population. A few symptoms include joint pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Topicals are great natural remedies against arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Certain studies had it that cannabis could fight inflammation because it can activate CB2 receptors, too.

How to Use Cannabis-Infused Topicals?

The following are the best practices for applying cannabis-infused topicals to get more out of them.

1. Know Where to Apply It

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Where is your pain coming from? Now if there is no nagging pain, consider adding some topical pain relief to the common spots or have your partner massage some of it for you. A few application areas include feet soreness, shoulders, neck, joints, and elbows

2. You Should Clean the Area First

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Give it a quick rinse with a moist paper towel or washcloth to scrub where to apply the topical in order to get rid of bacteria and other particulates. Dry the area before applying

3. Apply Generously

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With every application, rub the topical into skin vigorously with a generous amount. Avoid applying too much pressure because it might worsen any pain or discomfort
● Don’t forget to wash your hands after application.
● Don’t expect immediate results but instead for a subtle relief.

CBD VS THC Infused Topicals:
Know the Difference
What’s the difference of CBD- and THC-infused topicals, which can be bought at a cannabis dispensary?

Topicals are great for localized pain relief. They do not enter the bloodstream but only in the application area.

The onset of the effects occurs within 10 and 20 minutes and can last within two to three hours.

Topicals only penetrate a few skin layers, so they do not also produce systemic effects.

Regarding the differences between CBD- and THC-infused topical, one of them is the speed of penetration.

For example, CBD and Cannabinol (CBN) can penetrate the skin up to 10 times faster than a delta-8 THC. For this reason, if you’re looking to treat a more severe case of pain, you might want to use a CBD-infused topical because it can be more effective than using a THC-prepared topical is.

But nevertheless, topicals can help in treating pain in different body parts, including on hands, neck, back, joints and ankles. They may also help in neuropathy, sciatica and spinal stenosis. However, if treating a constant chronic pain, you might want to treat it with a cannabis product that can act systemically.

Cannabis-infused topicals made from different marijuana strains prove to be valuable in pain management, anxiety treatment, and anti-aging. If you’re interested to try cannabis-infused topicals, you might want to follow the best practices for its use, such as knowing where to apply and applying it generously. Finally, you might want to consult your doctor first if you have an underlying medical condition and want to incorporate cannabis topicals in the treatment.

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