9 Myths about the Birth Control Pill That Need to Be Dispelled ...

Here’s the thing. Women’s sexuality and sexual health has always been something of a taboo topic throughout history, and because of this, we don’t tend to talk about it and hear about it as much as we should. Due to the hush-hush nature of it all, lots of rumours and myths tend to pop up with regards to things like different methods of birth control, and these rumours can sometimes be harmful and dangerous! To help make things clearer, here are nine myths about the birth control pill that need to be dispelled.

1. “You Still Have Periods”

Actually, you don’t. The week of bleeding that you experience when you are on your ‘off’ days of the pill bears no medical resemblance to actual menstruation. This withdrawal bleed was added to the process of pill taking to mimic a natural cycle because women preferred it back in the day. It might feel like a real period, but it isn’t.