Diabetes Guide for Women: Symptoms, Risks, and Preventive Measures ...

Diabetes is the most common health condition around the world. About more than thirty-five percent of people are living with this condition. According to recent research in the U.S diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death. And more than eighty-eight million adults in the U.S are struggling with this health condition.

Although it affects both genders, a new research has shown that as compared to males, females are more affected. And thousands of people don’t know they have diabetes. It is common among women that they don’t pay any heed and end up with severe consequences. So here we have created a guide that surely helps patients to improve their health and the things
you should know.

1. It is a Chronic Disease with No Cure

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Diabetes is a condition when a person’s body has a problem managing its sugar levels. It is because of the inappropriate working of a hormone called insulin that regulates blood sugar. When your body doesn’t use insulin to metabolize glucose, it leads to a high level of blood sugar. This health condition lasts a long time and has no cure yet. Due to this, it takes careful management and medication to control the blood sugar level.

2. What Causes Diabetes?

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More than ninety percent of diabetes patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and less than ten percent of people diagnosed with type 1, which usually appears in early adulthood or sometimes in childhood. Patients of type 2 diabetes are often diagnosed in middle age and even younger people diagnosed with it too.

In both types, the patient's blood sugar level reaches its high and requires insulin to control the glucose level in the blood.

3. Who is at More Risk?

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If you overweight or obese and you don’t take part in healthy physical activities, or you don’t exercise regularly, you are at great risk. When your body remains in rest position more, it stores fats and when your body stores more fat, the higher the degree of chronic inflammation. And inflammation starts to take its toll on your body.

4. Diabetes in Women

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According to new research, the death rate for women with diabetes is higher, and it affects women differently than men. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose diabetes in women as compared to men. They often have suffered from different heart diseases. And inflammation and hormones act differently in women.

5. Preventive Measures

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If you are one with diabetes, you need to take extra care of your health. Eating healthy and sugar-free food should be the first priority. Moreover, a woman with diabetes needs to protect her other body organs too. You may be well aware of it when you have diabetes; any nerve damage can lead to loss of feeling in your feet, hands, and arms. It is common among diabetes patients that they hurt their feet more often without realizing it and end up with a severe loss.

So this is where women's diabetic socks help you to take care of your feet and reduce the chance of damage to your feet. Also, make sure to exercise daily to keep your body warm and to keep your weight under control.

6. Diabetes Symptoms in Women

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If you have diabetes, you may experience the same symptoms, just like men. However, some signs that are unique in women include oral and vaginal yeast, urinary infections, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

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