7 Controversial Health Supplements and What You Need to Know ...

From dieting trends to everyday supplements, there are so many controversial health supplements out there. I’m sure you all love Dr. Oz like I do, but might wonder if all those supplements really do the job they claim to. Or, you might have even heard controversy on everyday supplements you’ve used for years. Whatever the case, I’ve rounded up the most controversial health supplements that I hear about the most on a day to day basis and wanted to share the most important things to know about each.

1. Garcinia Cambogia

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This popular diet supplement is one of the most recent controversial health supplements to be wary of. It’s said to help you lose weight rapidly and promises everything in the book, as most do. What you need to know about this herbal supplement is it can increase your heart rate, which leads to thermogenic burn, but it might also cause a tad bit of anxiety, or even heart issues. It might make you jittery, or even tired from stressing out your adrenals. If you ask me, that's just not worth it! This supplement has not been proven to provide long lasting weight loss through a wide range of people, so if I were you, I wouldn't waste my money on it. A healthy diet and exercise, a cup of plain coffee, or a cup of green tea are all much better ways to nourish your health and give your metabolism a boost.

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