Don't Forget to do These 7 Heathy Things before the Year's End ...


Don't Forget to do These 7 Heathy Things before the Year's End ...
Don't Forget to do These 7 Heathy Things before the Year's End ...

It’s almost the end of the year, which means you are probably thinking about your resolutions for next year. Don’t get too ahead of yourself though because there are some things you should do for your health before the year ends. Do these things now, courtesy of Woman’s Day magazine, and your next year will be as healthy as it can be. Of course, don’t forget to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about your health now and in the New Year.

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Watch Your Cereal Intake

The experts say that most people eat more than one serving of cereal when they pour a bowl. If you underestimate your calorie intake in this way, you could be putting on some weight in the New Year. You’ve got to figure out how much a serving is and use a measuring cup to make sure you aren’t overdoing it. Still hungry? Have a piece of fruit to fill you up instead of more cereal.


Strengthen Your Heart the 10-20-30 Way

The 10-20-30 method of exercise is a proven way to help you improve the health of your heart. To do it, start by walking at a normal pace for 30 seconds, then a moderate pace for 20 seconds, then a high speed pace for 10 seconds. Repeat this several times and studies show you can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. The method may also work for other forms of cardio, like biking or jogging.


Update Your Playlist and You Could Get More Done

Do you plan a resolution that involves being more productive and organized? It turns out that putting new music on your iPod can help you concentrate so you get more done. It doesn’t matter what kind of music it is, so choose what you love best. A bonus – you’ll be so excited to hear your new music that you will feel more motivated to start and finish projects.


Eat More Nuts and Berries for a Healthy Tummy

Nuts and berries are both packed with soluble fiber, which can help regulate your digestion and increase the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut. On top of that, both nuts and berries contain other nutrients that are important for your health. Have a handful of mixed nuts and berries, make some trail mix or beef up your oatmeal and you could feel better before the year is out.


Make a New Friend to Improve Your Mood

You likely spend some time with friends and family that you know and love. However, experts say that talking to a stranger can lift your mood. Whether it’s the new mailman in your neighborhood, the clerk at the coffee shop or the guy you pass while walking your dog, take a minute or two to talk and you’ll go home feeling just a bit happier, even if you never see that person again.


Stop Looking down at Your Cell Phone

Looking down at your device can really do a number on your neck, leading to pain and other complications. Instead, hold your phone at your sight line so you can keep your head and neck aligned. Here’s another crazy thought – put the phone down and do something that doesn’t involve a screen.


Start Meditating Right Now

Meditating has loads of benefits. It can help calm and center your mind, reduce stress and sleep better. If you can’t get into the right frame of mind, consider taking a class or two to learn how to do it right. Try meditating once or twice a day and you may notice that your life gets better in many ways.

What are you going to do for your health before the end of the year?

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