7 Essential Reasons to Supplement with Zinc This Year ...

During the fall season, a number of things can weaken your immune system, and the reasons to supplement with zinc in the fall increase dramatically. First, to let you know what zinc is if you’re not familiar with this mineral, let me give you a few facts. Zinc is a mineral found in many everyday foods, and higher amounts are found in animal sources, with oysters being at the top. Just like magnesium, manganese and other minerals your body needs, zinc is crucial to your health. Fall season can be a time when allergies to start to rise, causing issues for millions of people. Also on the rise are chances of getting sick, such as catching a cold, strep throat or the flu. While taking probiotics is a great way to enhance your immune system to fight infection, so is supplementing with zinc. If you’re not sure why, it basically boils down to how zinc increases the function of your immune system. For specific reasons to supplement with zinc, check out these facts below.

1. Enzyme Inducer

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In my opinion, probably one of the top reasons to supplement with zinc is the enzymatic effect it has in your body. What are enzymes? Enzymes are important cofactors in your body that act as a catalyst for tons of actions in your body. For starters, enzymes help increase the absorption of the nutrients you eat, and the actions your body performs internally. They trigger hundreds of reactions inside your body, such as digestion, for example. Zinc is a direct influence on how well enzymes work and without enough, production and use of enzymes slow down and can make you tired, sick and weak quickly. The best way to increase your immune system is to make use out of the nutrients you are eating through enhanced enzyme uptake. A simple zinc supplement can help ensure all the enzymes in your body aid in your immune system’s peak function.

2. Fights Illness

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Since zinc increases your immunity, it directly fights illness. If you feel a cold coming on, a few days worth of a zinc supplement, rest and eating well will get you feeling better in no time.

3. Supports Your Cells

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Zinc, like all minerals, supports the health of your cells and how well they perform, and re-manufacture themselves each day. Without enough zinc, you might notice signs of your hair falling out, skin looking drab, etc. This is due to improper cell growth and development, not to mention hundreds of other processes that go on you can’t even see due to improper cell growth and development. It all has to do with your immunity and cell growth is a vital part of that.

4. It Increases Your Mood

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Zinc is actually a great aphrodisiac, which is why oysters are known as an aphrodisiac. It can increase your mood, making you happier and having a positive outlook, not to mention a better girlfriend or wife! During the fall you want to feel your best, and taking a zinc supplement helps you to do that by increasing serotonin in the brain quite efficiently.

5. Helps You Taste Your Food

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Did you know that improper amounts of zinc can cause you to lose your sense of taste and smell? This is one reason why, when you’re sick, you can’t taste or smell much. Taking a zinc supplement ensures that you’re able to taste all that fabulous fall food you’re cooking!

6. Most Multivitamins Fall Short

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As a nutrition specialist, I was surprised to find that most multivitamins don’t contain even half the amounts of daily requirements your body needs for zinc. When searching for a multi, you can view the percentage of your daily values of each nutrient in the multi. This is shown as the DV % column on the label. Try to find one that has 100% of your daily requirements of zinc or more. If your multi falls short, then you’ll need to supplement. It is hard to get too much zinc. Though it is possible, most basic zinc supplements are within a perfectly safe range.

7. Some Foods Prevent Uptake

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Even if you eat a diet rich in zinc, which comes from animal sources, raw cacao and some nuts and seeds, then other foods you eat may prevent a proper uptake of zinc. Grains, beans and legumes contain phytates that bind with zinc, excreting it out of your body, and preventing proper zinc absorption in the body. This doesn’t mean you have to give up these foods, but supplementing will ensure you’re where you need to be.

Other fabulous benefits of zinc that benefit you all year round include preventing acne or treating acne, and it also enhances your guy’s prostate health, so give him some zinc while you’re at it. Zinc supplementation can benefit you pretty quickly, which is nice when you want to get rid of a cold or sickness as fast as possible! Do you take extra supplements in the fall and winter?

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