7 Health Benefits of Oil Pulling ...

By Jeanee

The benefits of oil pulling date back over 3,000 years, to its roots in India. Oil pulling is an natural remedy for pulling harmful bacteria out of your mouth in one simple step. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley have recently cast this ancient Ayurvedic antidote in the limelight. All you do is put a tablespoon of organic pressed coconut or sesame oil into your mouth. Swish the oil around for about 20 minutes. Then spit it out in a trash can (not in the sink, because it can solidify and cause clogs). Finally, rinse and/or brush well to make sure any remaining bacteria is killed. Easy peasy! Here are a few of the many benefits of oil pulling.

1 It Removes Harmful Bacteria

Bacteria and infection can enter into your body through your mouth. One of the key benefits of oil pulling is removing harmful bacteria from your mouth, teeth, gums and even your throat. These gross germs can cause gum disease, tooth decay and can possibly contribute to other health problems.

2 Want Brighty Whities?

You can get that million dollar bright white smile naturally with oil pulling. The plaque on your teeth is not water soluble, it is fat soluble. Plaque buildup not only gives you butter mouth, but it can lead to tooth decay. The coconut or sesame oil is able to cut through that nasty yellow plaque and remove toxins without disturbing your teeth or gums.

3 Fresh Breath

Funky breath, otherwise known as halitosis, can be caused by the smell of chemicals and gases produced by bacteria hanging out in your mouth. Eww! A daily oil pulling regimen can stop bacterial from sticking to your chatter box, better than mints or gum can.

4 Reduces Gingivitis

Gingivitis is bad news. Your immune system starts attacking the bacteria in the plaque in your mouth causing inflamed gums. Adding oil pulling into your dental hygiene routine may prevent a case of yuck mouth. Your dentist will thank you!

5 Mucous Drainage

After you oil pull you may experience an increased amount of mucous from your throat and/or sinuses. Although nasty, this is a good thing! Mucous drainage is a way that your body removes toxins. Oil pulling can help clear those sinuses and alleviate allergies. So cough it up and blow it out!

6 Beauty Bonus

The benefits of oil pulling have been known to aide in the beauty department. You may experience prevention of dry mouth and lips, clearer skin and better sleep. What a bonus!

7 Detoxification and Healing

When you get rid of trouble-making toxins in your body, your overall health is improved. Oil pulling is a holistic remedy that may lessen environmental toxins in your body that can put a burden on your immune system. Your body can develop infection and inflammation that may lead to health problems if your immune system becomes overloaded with toxins, poor diet and stress.

Your gag reflex will probably go into overdrive when you first try oil pulling. But it gets better after the oil melts in your mouth and you start swishing it around. This inexpensive remedy can give you a healthy mouth and really benefit your overall health. You'll be a pro at it in no time! Would you try this ancient Indian secret?

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