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8 Mood Foods to Feel Happier Instantly ...

By Neecey

When times are tough, we all need as much help in feeling happier as possible. So-called ‘mood foods’ can be a great way for us to incorporate some happiness-stimulating proteins and natural chemicals into our bodies to make us feel a little perkier. Take a look at my list of 8 Mood Foods to Feel Happier Instantly for a few ideas about how to make your miserable Monday morning a lot better.

1 Avocado

AvocadoScientists have found that avocados are packed full with folic acid, a natural chemical which is great at metabolizing proteins and therefore increasing energy levels. If you are in need of a ‘mood food’ to help you keep working through the day, then having some avocado for lunch could help you to keep smiling throughout the day.

2 Chilies

ChiliesIf you like to add some spice into your day, chilies can help you to remain on-the-ball. By increasing your endorphin levels, chilies are one of the foods that will really get you in the right mood – of course if you aren’t a fan of heat, make sure you only try a mild one!


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3 Garlic

GarlicAlthough not an office-favorite due to the associated bad breath, garlic can help to increase the blood flow around your body. The easier it is to pump blood around your body, the less energy your heart will use which means you have more energy for enjoying the rest of your day! Do make sure that you keep some gum handy though…

4 Goji Berries

Goji BerriesThese are one of the ‘mood foods’ that are a little more obscure. You may have some difficulty finding goji berries in your local supermarket, but they have been proven to raise testosterone levels in men and are full of anti-oxidants which will increase your general mood and wellbeing. (They are readily available online and in health food stores)

5 Honey

HoneyIt may seem obvious, but the natural sugar – known as fructose - in honey provides the necessary energy levels required to keep your stamina and mood up. Adding honey to your breakfast can really help kick-start your day, or makes the perfect accompaniment to a hot drink during the winter months.

6 Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin SeedsThese little seeds can help to boost your hormone levels which will help regulate your moods. A quick nibble on the seeds from your desk drawer occasionally will make sure that your mood doesn’t waver throughout the day!

7 Almonds

AlmondsIt may surprise you, but almonds are full of amino acids that help your blood flow. Much like garlic, this will leave you more energy to boost your mood. Almonds go very well with cereals, so pair with some honey and you are set to go!

8 Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateWell ladies, I had to save the very best for last. If you ever need an excuse to eat chocolate (which, let’s face it, you never do) then its help in aiding your good mood can be the excuse. Dark chocolate contains various natural chemicals and amino acids that make it the ultimate of mood foods for women – whether you want to add it to your breakfast, as a snack halfway through the day or as a treat just before bed, dark chocolate is sure to make you feel happier.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my list of 8 Mood Foods to Feel Happier Instantly, and have taken away a few tips on the mood foods that will ensure that your disposition never falters. Of course they should be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet and all should be consumed in moderation – if you eat too many, people might wonder why you’re so happy! Please do comment with a story or tip for others to read about how you better your mood throughout the day.

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