7 Reasons to Reject a One Size Fits All Attitude and Learn to Be Healthy ...


Are you tired of seeing a one size fits all attitude in the media? As you look in every magazine, you see the same body type of slim legs, large bust and a nice rear, so where are all the women we see every day? In the real world, there are women with all shapes and sizes and guess what? They are all beautiful. But so many of these beautiful women begin to second guess themselves because of all the mass media brainwashing us to believe one size fits all. These same women are then depressed because their comparisons just do not meet up to the airbrushed beauty gracing the magazine cover. What gives? I wish these women realized that most of what they see is not real. So what are the reasons to reject the one size fits all attitude and learn to be healthy?

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You Are Not Airbrushed

As I mentioned, most of what you see on the magazine covers is airbrushed, so embrace your own natural beauty. Look at how beautiful you are when you wake up without a stitch of makeup. Bet you even forgot how perfect your skin is, how long your lashes are and even how gorgeous your timid smile is. Forget about the one size fits all attitude because you are naturally beautiful and the real deal!


You Shape Your Future

Many celebrities go on strict and unhealthy diets to lose weight for movies and events, which can cause future health issues. Eat healthy and nourish your body because you shape your future. Feed your body with the right fuel and it will thank you with lean results and plenty of energy!


Thank Your Mama

Okay, so no matter what we do, genetics do play a role in your body type and structure. So maybe mom has lean abs but a bigger rear, but don’t zone in on your larger butt as a fault; love your body. Be thankful for your genetics and use what you've got.


Be a Role Model

If you have children or would like to be a mother one day, learn that confidence is something that can shape your future. Stop stressing over not being in the size 2, because this lack of confidence can be contagious. Your little ones view you as their role model so throw out the one size fits all attitude and just be happy to be you.


Create Your Own Image

If you love a trend and you feel, because your body type, you cannot rock it, create your own image. By creating your own image you will help other women to use their confidence to feel amazing and wear their favorite style. There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows who she is and is proud of it.


Healthier is Always Happier

If you eat healthy food you will balance your hormone levels and just feel better. Forget the one size fits all attitude and eat healthy for you, not for a diet but just to be better. Healthier is always happier because loving your body means eating the right food. So do you make healthy food choices each day?


Rock Your Runway

Set out your clothes and have your own fashion show. Rock the runway strutting your stuff because you are just happy to be you. Forget about any fault you have ever worried about and take your features as strengths. Reject any false image you have ever had, take a deep breath and smile because this is your life and you can only live it once. So do it right!

Hope you have enjoyed this because you are special and amazing because you are you! Do not let any magazine or television image to lead you otherwise. So how do you feel about your body image? Hope you embrace yourself because you are one of a kind!

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Feeling like I'm not good enough definetly plays a role in my everyday, this is amazing advice.

I agree. I feel down at times bc of my body. This cheered me up. Great article and advice! Thnx u! :)

This article definitely made some valid points ! I think we all scrutinize our bodies and faces because how perfect celebrities and even women we see on Facebook n social media look. I'm trying not to compare myself to others and focus on how I can be my own better self inside and out. This article gave me even more inspiration to do just that !

Great article! Thank yiy

Recently I had a meltdown because I hated my body. This article came at a great time so thank you :)

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