20 Reasons to Live a Healthy Life ...


20 Reasons to Live a Healthy Life ...
20 Reasons to Live a Healthy Life ...

I have spent a lot of time putting together lists on how to live healthy, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves all the reasons to live a healthy life. Some of these reasons will really put things in perspective when feeling tempted by an unhealthy choice. Please check out my 20 reasons to live a healthy life and be sure to share your own reasons too.

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Live Longer

At one point in my life I thought growing old would be horrible. But when I look at all the amazing advances in technology that have happened over my relatively short lifespan, and then think about all the things that have changed over the life of my grandparents, it really makes me excited to see what is to come in the future. I can only imagine the insanely incredible technology of the future. There's no question that living longer is one of the best reasons to live a healthy life.


Feel Better

Living a healthy life means feeling better. If you have been eating right and working out for some time then you know exactly what I am talking about. A couple days off track can easily leave you feeling horrible. Of course we are all going to mess up once in a while, but I’d rather feel like crap some of the time and not all the time.


Look Better

It goes without saying that people who feel better also look better. Really, how can you expect to look your best if you are feeling run down, have weirdness going on in your stomach, and just a general feeling of blah? You are lying to yourself if you think those feelings don’t affect your appearance.


Sleep Better

I love my sleep. Sleeping and I are best friends for life. If one reason to live healthy is for better sleep than I am all for it. Pass me that celery stick, glass water, and a pillow! I am living healthy for good sleep.


Self Confidence

It’s a fact, healthy people have more self-confidence. It makes perfect sense. You are working out every day, meeting your goals, and setting new records of your personal best. Those are all things that will boost anyone’s confidence.



Okay, I admit, this is kind of a backwards reason to live a healthy life, but if it works for you that’s all that matters. You live a healthy life, you feel good, look good, and are overwhelmingly happy, someone is bound to take notice and be a little bit jealous. (Maybe it’s that rude girl from high school that always looked like she had it all, or that guy that never gave you a chance.) Whoever it is, they are sure to have regrets now.


Future Grandchildren

Being a mom has made me realize I can’t wait to see my daughter grow up and become a mother herself. One reason I want to live a healthy life is so I can be there for that day and the many days after. I want to see her use her amazing creativity to be an awesome mother. I also want to see my grandchildren grow up and achieve great things.


Love More Freely

Sometimes when we are lacking confidence and feeling self-conscious about the person we are, we shelter our hearts in fear of being rejected and hurt. We don’t love to our full potential. However, when you live a healthy life, you are less likely to hold back out of fear and you can allow yourself to love freely.


Keep Your Teeth

Good health isn’t just about good food and plenty of exercise. It is about other things too, like taking care of your teeth. Good oral hygiene means you are more likely to keep your own teeth and not need dentures one day. I’ll brush to that.


Fight Cancer

Experts agree that some of the things found in processed foods are linked to cancer. If you are living a healthy life and not overindulging in these horrible processed foods and drinks on a regular basis, your body is better equipped to fight cancer. I'll eat healthy for that.


Sick Less

Another reason to live a healthy life is to not become sick as often. Colds, the flu, and other common illnesses are more likely to happen in people who aren’t taking the best care of their bodies. Part of being healthy is washing your hands frequently and taking a multi-vitamin every day. These things boost your immune system and help fight off the common cold.



As we get older our bodies slowly start to change. Our bones and joints ache. Our muscles aren’t as strong. When these things start to happen we can't move as easily. Doing things like dancing becomes difficult and painful. Dancing should never be painful. I vow to live healthy so I can dance forever.


Enjoy Life

So you are living healthy, looking good, feeling good, loving freely, dancing all the time—guess what—you are enjoying life as it is meant to be. You can have that slice of cake without guilt and you can laugh with your friends and family. Being able to fully enjoy life has got to be the best reason to live healthy.


More Money

Unhealthy people spend a lot of money on eating out, bad foods, alcohol, cigarettes, and medical care. If you value your money and want to see it put to good use then change your lifestyle now. A healthy life will leave more money in the bank for better things.


Set a Good Example

No matter how old you are there is always a younger generation looking up to you for guidance. As the older (wiser) group you have to set a good example. If you don’t ever want to see your younger sister smoking, become pregnant at a young age, or unhealthy, then you have to influence her by making your own best choices. Your actions will speak louder than your words ever will.


Better Sex

Poor health has an immediate effect on your sex life. Studies show that unhealthy people are more likely to experience a lack of sexual desire. If you value your sex life stay healthy.



Another reason for good health is the ability to focus better. Part of living healthy is eating well, including breakfast every morning. Studies show that students who ate a balanced breakfast the morning of an exam had better focus during the test and scored better.



Can you believe that exercise can actually be a cure for depression? It is true. A study done by Duke University found that exercising 30 minutes at least 3 times a week helped patients get over depression and off medication.



Have you ever noticed after a good workout you actually feel more energized? I don’t completely understand the science behind it, but I know after a brisk walk or a nice run, I always feel like I have even more energy than when I started. Having more energy to get through my day is another reason to live a healthy life.


Look Younger

Having healthy habits is essential for keeping a young and attractive appearance. The right vitamins and nutrition support beautiful healthy skin and prevents wrinkles. Are you living a healthy life to look younger longer?

What do you think about these 20 reasons to live a healthy life? Are there any reasons you would like to add to my list?

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