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7 Things Your Urine Can Tell You about Your Health ...

By Tara

There are so many things your urine can tell you about your health. From the color to the smell, if something is going wrong, your urine may give you the first sign. Do not ignore these warning signs! Listen to these signals and take care of potential problems. You only have one body so make sure you take care of it. With proper care, you can treat your body and you will be back to feeling 100% in no time. So here are the things your urine can tell you so that you can take care of your health:

1 Colorless

If your urine lacks color and is not pale yellow as it should be, you are overly hydrated. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing other than this being inconvenient with frequent trips to the bathroom. So do not stress because this is one of the things your urine can tell you about your health.

2 Dark Color

Do you notice a dark color to your urine? If you do, then you are probably not drinking enough water. So before you begin to stress, start drinking more water. The dark color of urine can be a sign of infection or even cancer so first drink more water to rule out this possibility. And if your urine does not lighten, visit your doctor for a checkup.


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3 Very Bright Yellow

If you notice your urine looking bright, almost fluorescent, this is nothing to worry about as this is likely the result of the multi vitamin you took this morning. This does not mean you are losing the vitamins in the toilet, it still being used by the body. But B vitamins cause your pee to be brighter than usual. So have no fears!

4 Strange Smelling

Noticing a strange smell when you pee after you have eaten asparagus? Well, have no fears. Asparagus contains amino acids that, when broken down by the body, create a sulfur smell. So do not be concerned, this is completely natural.

5 Frequent Pee Breaks

If you are drinking water more often, peeing more frequently is a natural result. But if you have not changed your water intake and you are finding yourself peeing more often, you are likely to have a urinary tract infection. Visit your gynecologist to have an exam and get treated to resolve this before it worsens.

6 Pleasant Smelling

If your pee smells sweet, almost like sugar, this is a sign something serious can be going on in the body. There could be sugar in your urine, which is an indicator of diabetes. Visit your general physician if this continue and share these signs with your doctor. It's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your health.

7 A Burning Sensation

If you are in pain when you go pee, you most likely have a urinary tract infection. A quick trip to the doctor and some oral meds will have you feeling better in days! If you increase your water intake, the infection will go away even sooner. And drinking cranberry juice can help you to avoid a urinary tract infection in the future.

Did you know you could learn so much from your urine? So make sure you drink your water to better your health!

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