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If you are a new student you may be wondering how to relieve stress when studying. There is no doubt that school can be tough. Between daily homework, special projects and constant studying many students are looking for ways to relieve school related stress. If this sounds like you, check out my list of 7 tips on how to relieve stress when studying.

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Many students can benefit greatly from short power naps. It’s no wonder students are over-stressed with their busy schedules; trying to balance school, work, and a social life. Sometimes a 30 minute nap is all you need to rev back up for a study session.



If your study stress is leading to anxiety try this visualization method of meditation. Many students use this as a way to relieve stress when studying. Imagine yourself in a peaceful place. Focus on your breathing as you try to relax. Involve all your senses as you imagine your peaceful place. What does the wind feel like? How do the trees smell? Is the sun beating on your skin? Do you hear the soft chirping of birds? Once you are calm return to studying or begin taking your test.



Exercise is a great way to relieve stress when studying. Most students will find getting exercise on campus easy. You can bike or jog around campus. Many universities offer have a health center or gym at reasonable student rates. Regular exercise helps clear the mind and burn off energy so you can focus on your studies.



Music is an easy stress reliever. Music can be used to calm you down if you are feeling anxious. It can also help stimulate your mind. Many experts suggest listening to classical music while studying. The music relaxes your mood and stimulates your brain, so you can get more effective studying done. Do you think music will help you study better?


Positive Thinking

I know when I was working on my Bachelor’s degree my negative thoughts did a lot of damage to my grades. I would sit down trying to study, but all I could focus on were my feelings of failure. I would tell myself that studying was useless and I was going to fail. If I had only thought more positive about the situation I would have had better results.



Are you an organized student? I bet if you are disorganized you are desperately asking how to relieve stress when studying. Having your school things in disarray is stressful enough. How can you study for your chemistry exam when your book is sitting in your car or at your friend’s apartment? How can you work at your desk when it is covered in last night’s dinner and your makeup bag? Create a clean and organized study area and become more responsible with your notes, books, and folders.


Eat Right

Diet plays a huge role in how to relieve study stress. If you follow a poor diet than your brain isn’t getting the proper nutrition to function clearly. Eat brain boosting foods that are high in omega-3s, antioxidants, and fiber.

What do you think about these ways to reduce stress when studying? Have you used any of these to help you study better? Maybe you have your own techniques to reduce stress when studying, what are they?

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Yer because we all have time to eat right, exercise and nap during the lead up to exam periods 😂

helped me a lot ☺️

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