7 Ways to Calm down Quickly ...


7 Ways to Calm down Quickly ...
7 Ways to Calm down Quickly ...

Certain situations or people can trigger emotional reactions that we may feel as though we have no control over. Getting all worked up proves no good for anyone, especially you. If you find yourself in a fizzle and need to cool it, then here are 7 ways to help you calm down quickly...

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It’s the most obvious solution and yet also the most effective. As soon as you feel yourself freaking out and wish you could calm down quickly, concentrate on nothing but your breath. With each inhale go further into yourself, and on the exhale, let it all out.



When our tempers flare or frustrations build, we become far too entrenched in our heads, letting our thoughts run away with us. If you find yourself getting lost in the mental chatter then simply pinch your bottom. That’s right, to calm down quickly pinch your bottom in order to jolt yourself out of your head and back into the rest of your body (and what better place to pinch!).


Fast Forward

Whether or not your partner remembered to switch the lights off will probably not matter to you in 10 years time (let's hope not). If you want to calm down quickly then fast forward 10 years and ask yourself if what you are getting bent out of shape for now will matter then? A little perspective always helps.


Primal Instinct

I once looked after a child that would growl briefly when he became agitated and then carry on his merry way; it was his way of releasing the negative emotions. Words are a far more ‘appropriate’ tool for expressing how you feel in the adult world, but I think the kid was on to something. If I need to calm down quickly, and the situation allows, I simply shut my eyes and let out a quick, deep growl.


Move It

If a person or situation has you feeling irritated then one of the best ways to calm down quickly is to simply leave. Even if you excuse yourself for a couple of minutes, a change of scenery will allow you to breathe and gather yourself.


Get Wet

Some of these ideas can be used anywhere and some are for when you are throwing a wobbly all by your lonesome. This is one of those. Next time you need to calm down quickly, splash some cold water over your face. The pure shock of the water and hilarity of the situation will have you laughing in no time.


Zip It

Many times when tensions rise, we end up saying things that we don’t necessarily mean. A good way to calm down quickly and ensure that no bridges are burnt along the way, is to simply keep quiet. Zip your lips, set a time limit and promise yourself you will not talk until your time is up. Tricky but worth a try!

We all have our moments — it is natural. However the difference between your life being one big wobbly after another and knowing how to get a grip when you need to calm down quickly, could mean you feel more in touch with yourself and your emotions. Am I the only one who results to pinching my bottom or does anyone else have any quirky techniques to calming down quickly?

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Love this !!! I have problems calming down . This gave me some help !!!

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