Video 🎞 Inspo ⭐️ on How to Immediately ⏱ Stop 🛑 Stressing out 😩 ...

Do you want a few tips on how to stop stressing out? We may have heard of most of these methods, but maybe we need to be reminded?

No pills to take, no expensive psychiatrist sessions. Simple tips to get you through your day or night.

Marie Forleo
Published on Jun 14, 2011

1. Mind-set

Marie goes on to talk about Mark Twain. She also has the mindset that everything is "figure-outable"".

2. Meditate

You don't have to be religious to meditate. Anyone can do it! Ease your mind and be grateful. There is always someone who has it worse than you.

3. Watch Your Diet

The book "Crazy Sexy Diet" is given a plug. She says to make sure you eat clean with superfoods.

4. Exercise

She shows a few clips of her personal exercise videos to use as examples. Just shake it off!

Use some of these tips to brighten up your day or night!

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