A Few Tips on Self-Care for Your Ladyhood aka Your Vagina ...


A Few Tips on Self-Care for Your Ladyhood aka Your Vagina ...
A Few Tips on Self-Care for Your Ladyhood aka Your Vagina ...

Need some ways to keep your vagina healthy and happy?
There is a quote floating around somewhere of vaginas being compared to flowers; on how sacred, delicate, and pure they are. The woman’s body is a temple and, therefore, she chooses who and who NOT share it with. The latter part is a fact that should ALWAYS be respected. NO MATTER WHAT, always ALWAYS respect a woman’s wishes and what she is seeking and what she is not.

No one should ever be in danger of physical or emotional harm.

Today, there seems to be an improvement with being open and discussing the human body. Sadly, I continue to run into the “ewes” and “gross” remarks when it comes to being on my period and how I need a pad or tampon. Seriously.

Whether you do so or not, here are a few ways to keep your vagina healthy and happy when it comes to self-hygiene, including a normal getting ready routine (showering in the morning or night) as well as before and after having sex.

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Do Less

Let your vagina breathe because according to many gynecologists, including my own, over washing and applying lotions and soap every day can actually increase the risk of issues such as discharge. This is one of the best ways to keep your vagina healthy and happy.


Say NO to Douching

Seriously just do not even bother anymore. There are already enough side effects, such as irritation which it can lead to a U.T.I. (urinary infection) and even soreness of the vaginal walls.


Buy Soaps without Fragrances

I know, I KNOW they smell so fuckin’ beautiful, but like body sprays you find at your local dollar store, they are also filled with many toxins. Hint: why they smell so good in the first place. Think about it.


Pee and WIPE after Having Sex

Just do it. Do NOT ask.


Spend More Time Cleaning the Outer Layer of Your Vagina (known as the Vulva)

This is important.


Do NOT Rub Your Vulva Too ‘hard’ after Showering

Often, we feel that applying more ‘pressure’ is a good thing when in fact, it can increase irritation.


Cut Back on the Bath Bombs

Yeah, they are so pretty and cool to look at and turn the water into any color of your choice BUT overusing these guys can actually do more harm. This includes a buildup of bacterial fungi (if not properly washed out of your ladyhood after use).


Stick with Fragrance-free Products

When it comes to the time of the month, avoid any purchases and usage of fragrance/scented pads and tampons. I know, when it is a heavier month of bleeding, the temptation is higher. But they are also filled with one too many toxins that could trigger irritation as well as an allergic reaction.


Throw out the Tight Underwear

I know they are prettier or maybe they are just cheaper to buy or maybe you do not want to buy a new pair. But for the love of GOD, just go out and buy the right sizes. Remember, all clothing items run differently so please do not be hard on yourself. Let your ladyhood breathe occasionally; it is suffocating your ‘V’ by wearing tighter underwear.


Self-check down There

Look for any new moles, bumps, or pimples. If you see anything new and if anything hurts, go to your doctor immediately.


Try Waxing (even if Only Once)

Do this to avoid any ingrown hairs, otherwise, it can be a bitch to try and remove yourself, let alone it is a bit more dangerous to try and tweeze or shave it off.


Lastly, Embrace Your Womanhood

Not only clean it but touch it and play with it and lastly, do not jump to conclusions as well and expect that something is wrong.

The human body is always going through changes. And if you are still developing, it is normal to see changes (unless anything is causing pain). It is awesome to be a woman so do not fret over how your ‘V’ looks. As long as you wash down there and go to your annual checkups, you will be more than okay.

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