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Whether it’s because you’ve been up all night partying or you couldn’t catch a good night’s sleep, you might be looking for some ways to stay awake when you’re tired. It’s not a good thing to force yourself to stay awake when your body is screaming sleep but sometimes, needs must. Try these ways to stay awake when you’re tired on occasions only – if you find yourself struggling too often, either sort yourself out so you get more sleep, or if you have a sleeping problem look for ways to deal with it. You need your beauty sleep for so many reasons!

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Get up and Move about

Sitting down in a warm and comfortable spot isn’t going to help you stay awake; if anything you’ll drop off! When you feel lethargic and sleepy, take a walk. Even if it is the last thing you feel like doing, it really is one of the best ways to stay awake when you're tired. If you’re at work and can’t go too far, then walk to a colleague’s desk or make a drink.


Listen to Music

I don’t mean listen to relaxing music, like whale song, classic or singer-songwriter types. Listen to upbeat happy music that will get you tapping your feet and feeling alert.


Have a Drink

When you are dehydrated, you’ll find yourself feeling even more tired. Drink a pint of cold water and refresh yourself. This one of the ways to stay awake when you're tired will also get you up and moving.


Get Active Every 30 Minutes

Have you ever spent the whole day in front of the TV and wondered why you are so tired at the end of it? It is because your body needs to keep active to keep you feeling alert and awake. Every 30 minutes get up and stretch your legs.


Select the Right Foods

If you are feeling sleepy at around 3pm, then maybe you need to assess your diet. Are you having breakfast? Is your lunch full of fatty foods? Eat breakfast, try eating foods throughout the day which are high in protein, and avoid energy drinks.



When you want to feel more alert, there are a couple of acupressure techniques you can try. You can try pulling on your earlobe, rubbing between your thumb and index finger, and press against the back of your knees. If this doesn’t work, then at least it will get you moving.


Get Some Fresh Air

There is nothing like a breath of fresh air to wake you up when you’re feeling sleepy. If you’re in the car crack a window and refresh the air in the car every so often. If you’re at work, make sure you get outside break/lunch time.


Natural DayLight

Sunlight is also really good for keeping you awake. Open your curtains and let the sun stream through.



Chewing gum is one of the ways to stay awake when you're tired as it can help your mind to stay alert. Another thing to chew on if you have no gum handy is ice; it does the same job and rehydrates you at the same time.



If you are in a position to shower then do so. If you are out and about or at work then you obviously can’t shower. Instead, splash cold water on your wrists and wash your hands thoroughly. Give your face a quick going over too; this will really help you wake up.



You can even keep yourself awake by a breathing technique. Breathe in and out through your nose and pull your abdomen towards your diaphragm. Do this very quickly - note that it is might make you look a bit crazy so make sure you do it in private or on your lunch break!

You will have noticed that the ways to stay awake when you’re tired that I have listed do not include chucking jugs of coffee or cans of energy drink down your neck – these really are best avoided. What ways do you keep yourself awake?

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washing my face with water or having a drink of water always wakes me up

Coffee coffee coffee!!!

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