7 Best Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally ...


Knowing the ways to balance your hormones is vital in living a day full of mental peace and physical well being.

Hormones play such a key role in how we operate.

It affects our skin, sleep patterns, weight, reproductive health, our mood and energy levels.

Here are just a few ways to balance your hormones naturally!

1. Sleep More

Sleep is when the body repairs itself and one of the best ways to balance your hormones.Without adequate sleep, our bodies begin to shut down and everyday functioning becomes a challenge!

All sources recommend 7-9 hours of sleep a night for the average adult.

Less than that can create many issues- including disrupting our endocrine system!

2. Stress Less

When stress levels spike, our body doesn't know how to respond because we are not activity engaging ourselves to relax in response to an increased heart rate and adrenaline.

So, a hormone called cortisol is secreted by the adrenal gland in excess.

A perpetual state of stress, even minimal, is chronic stress.

According to an article by Elizabeth Scott, M.D.

on About.com, the excess cortisol over time can cause high blood pressure, a thyroid imbalance, bone density loss, hyperglycemia, weight gain, etc.

Learn how to cope with stress, perhaps by breathing techniques or a mantra, to allow your body to relax quickly after a stressful moment!

3. Exercise

Regular exercise, light to moderate, allows the body to expend energy but not too much.

This also aids in better, more restful sleep at night.

Make sure not to overdue it on the activity level because, according to Wellness Mama, it can actually cause more aggravation of a hormone imbalance, at least initially.

So, stick to light to moderate workouts to balance those hormones!

4. Healthy Diet

When dealing with a hormone imbalance, it's best to stick to clean eating to avoid toxic build up which can reek havoc on the endocrine system.

Natural fats are essential, like avocado and coconut oil.

Eat whole, raw foods as much as possible.

Especially foods that are dense in vitamins and minerals like leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and blueberries.3

It's always best to access your essential nutrients from whole foods rather than supplements!

Less Caffeine
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