7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy ...


Your probably don’t spend a ton of time thinking about ways to keep your kidneys healthy, but you should. Your kidneys work hard to filter waste from your body, so taking good care of them is an important part of your routine. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a ton of effort or time, so you can reap the benefits of these ways to keep your kidneys healthy without having to change your whole life.

1. Monitor Your Blood Pressure

Your kidneys produce renin, which is an enzyme that helps control your blood pressure. If your numbers suddenly start to look wacky, it could be an indication that your kidneys aren’t working properly. Use the cuffs at your drugstore to check yours regularly, then contact your doctor if you’re worried. He can monitor your blood pressure for you and give you treatment methods if yours needs work. This is one of the best ways to keep your kidneys healthy.

Reduce Salt Intake
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