7 Facts about Low Blood Sugar Every Woman Should Know ...


Learning some important facts about low blood sugar symptoms can prevent you from a host of worries and health issues. Knowing how to recognize symptoms and causes of both high and low blood sugar is important for a variety of reasons, ranging from your energy, digestion, heart condition, health status, learning abilities and even your mood. I've decided to share some enlightening facts about low blood sugar that you may not know, but many people suffer from and don't know why. I want you to be in the loop about how to take care of your blood sugar levels, so you can keep your mood stable, energy up, digestion strong and stay healthy for a long, happy life!

1. Anxiousness

One of the most necessary facts about low blood sugar is how it affects anxiousness. Many people who have panic disorders or anxiety could have a blood sugar issue. If you don’t eat healthy meals and snacks every couple of hours, you may find yourself edgy, even if you just ate. If you ate something high in sugar or fat, it can negatively impact your blood sugar, making it rise and fall quickly. This leaves you anxious and restless, leading to a feeling of panic and an ill mood. Or, if you haven’t eaten in hours, the same thing may happen. Too much caffeine also causes this same reaction. Insulin rises and spikes, then plummets, which causes the low blood sugar to occur. To prevent this, make protein and veggies, along with leafy greens and minimal healthy fats, the stars of your meals. This keeps your brain and body happier, and prevents anxiety.

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