7 Important Things to Know about Probiotics ...


There are several things to know about probiotics. For starters the name simply means “for life.” Pro means for and the bio in biotic means life. Think about it in terms of antibiotics. We know anti is against and biotic refers to the infection or bacteria living inside of you. The goal of antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria. Probiotics work by putting live microorganisms in your gastro-intestinal tract to improve health and immunity. Now that you have a brief understanding keep reading for more things to know about probiotics.

1. Immune System

One of the first things to know about probiotics is that your immune system is in your gut. I guess I’ve never really thought about where my immune system might be located, but it helps to know that so we can fuel our immune system and our stomachs with healthy foods and probiotics.

Where to Get Probiotics?
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