10 Reasons to Exercise with a Personal Trainer ...

Personal Trainers can help make workout out much easier, or at least more motivating. For a few brief, shining months, I had my own personal trainer. He whipped my flabby #body into the best shape of my life, and wow, do I miss him. I've scheduled some #time with him again next month, and I can't wait. What's so fantastic about my trainer, or any personal trainer, for that matter? Oh #girl, let me tell you. Here are 10 reasons to exercise with a personal trainer.

1. They'll Motivate You

This was reason number one I hired a personal trainer. I knew if I didn't, I would never keep going to the gym like I should. But when you've paid good #money for a trainer, suddenly it seems sillier NOT to go the gym... I mean, it's an investment, right? And that doesn't include the cheerleading and encouragement you get from the trainer himself!