7 Reasons to Start Juicing ...


There are many health reasons to start juicing, and although it is a tedious task it's a very great way to stay healthy and to get all those vitamins and nutrients you need from vegetables and fruits! I just recently tried a natural/organic raw juice and I was mind-blown about how different it tasted compared to bottled processed juice! Raw juice has the natural flavors from the vegetables and fruits and this alone should be one of your top reasons to start juicing! Here are my reasons to drink healthier!

1. Vitamins and Nutrients

My number one of all the reasons to start juicing is for its natural vitamins and nutrients! That's right, juicing extracts the delicious goodness from the vegetables and fruits straight into your cup! No added preservatives necessary! The best part about juicing is the amount of vitamins and nutrients you get. Juicing is an easy way to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables. This is important because I'm sure it's easier to choose "not-so-health" food choices and by doing so that limits your body's ability to absorb the good nutrients! By juicing, the vitamins and nutrients you get go straight into your blood stream and straight to where your body needs it most! Isn't that nifty?!

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