10 Life-Changing Commandments for All the Girl Who Value Their HealthπŸ” 😁 ...


Healthy, fit, successful and beautiful!

Are you worth the effort it takes to achieve it?

Of course you are!

And yes it does take work.

It takes work every day.

Make it easier on yourself by sticking to the 10 wellness commandments.2

1. Believe in the Power of Laughter πŸ˜‚

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Having a good giggle lowers stress levels, inducing a feel-good factor no drugs could ever supply.2

Studies have shown that adults with a sense of humor live longer than those who don't get the joke.

When you're feeling down, slot a comedy into your DVD player, curl up with a funny book or get in touch with the perpetual joker among your family and friends.

2. Believe in the Power of Regular Exercise

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Never mind your weight-loss goals, make exercise a regular feature of your health regime.

Exercise releases "happy endorphins" in our brains, which boost our mood;

it keeps sickness at bay generally and increases our concentration, as more oxygen reaches the brain and that in turn enhances productivity.

3. Make Time to Breathe and Meditate

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Meditation may not allow you to do "that thing gurus do when they levitate" but studies have shown that it will allow you to decrease your insomnia by 42% and loosen you up with just three deep breaths whenever stress threatens to spoil your day.

Meditation is also known to reduce gray matter in the amygdala, the part of our body where anxiety and emotions are regulated.

Even if you don't sign up to a meditation class, make time to breathe and clear your mind at least once a day!3

4. Consume Enough Water πŸ’§

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Staying rehydrated energizes our bodies, flushes out toxins and helps our bodies to perform at their best.

Drink at least 2 liters of water/liquid a day, restricting coffee, soda and tea consumption to 3 cups per day.

If you feel your brain's foggy and tired at work, that's because you haven't had enough water.

Our bodies need water for almost all of our bodily processes, so stay healthy and hydrate regularly.

Fuel up with Food 🍊
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